Othello’s Tragic Flaw

Othello’s Terrible Flaw

Ashley Abbondandelo 12/11/12 ENG 102 Othello Part of what makes Othello such a prevailing play through history is that the characters and situations are universal. Each character is relatable on the fact that every significant character is a classic embodiment. Iago, a classic bad guy. A scoundrel with an astonishing capability to control and trigger turmoil, and Othello a classic awful hero who’s own jealousy and deep internalized insecurity of the bias surrounding him, helps right into Iagos “wicked genius” and eventually are the essential cause in Othello’s unfortunate failure.

Iago is among the most notorious and perplexing villains in history. Although he is described as “Honest” Iago throughout the play, he lies, cheats, takes, and kills to get what he desires. Iago’s adjustment starts when he discovers that Othello gave the position of lieutenant, a position that he felt himself should have, to Cassio, and will do anything to get it. Iago will do whatever it requires to get what he wants. He is able to manipulate anybody who gets in his method.

Without any true justification, Iago begins to right away tear Othello apart by doing anything to injure him. As the play proceeds, Iago ends up being construed by his animosity and lies which he even starts to believe them himself, He thinks that Othello Ashley Abbondandelo slept with his better half, Emilia, “I hate the Moor, and it is believed abroad that ‘twixt my sheets’ ‘He has done my office”(6-7:236) This triggers a lot more extensive hatred for Othello. Othello a “Noble Moor” whoes own awful defect of deep insecurity and jealousy account for the terrible occasions in this play.

By the hand of Iago, Othello falls under a deep envious rage. His downfall is his own doing, Othello is not an abandoned victim of fate, but fueled by the power of jealousy and own insecurities becomes a man of awful rage. By Iago advertently pulling the string, Othello thinks that he is not deserving of love. That all he is a “Barbary Horse”(18:220) which Desdemona was in fact cheating with Cassio. This is what Iago’s evil plan, included. As an outcome of this Othello believes that Desdemona could have never ever truly enjoyed him.

In the end, Othello chooses that she much crave her indiscretions” Ay, let her rot, and die, and be dammed to-night: for she will/ not live: no, my heart is turned to stone; I strike it and it injures/ my hand”(13-15:281) Iago’s “wicked plan” was exposed, and Othello taking his own life, knowing that he was at fault for the death of his reasonable maiden and dying knowing that she had actually loved him genuinely. Iago’s “evil genius” is a significant consider this play, however ultimately it was Othello’s jealousy and self-hatred that killed them all in the end.

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