Othello’s Tragic Flaw

Othello’s Awful Flaw

The unfortunate reality in society shines brilliantly in the play by William Shakespeare, Othello. The entire play is focused upon Iago, Othello’s ancient, who is out to ruin his basic. Othello handed a promo to Cassio instead of Iago, which leads Iago to look for revenge on them both. He persuades Othello that Cassio is sneaking around with Othello’s recently wedded spouse, Desdemona. Iago is successful in his scheme, triggering Othello to eventually strangle and eliminate his honest better half. This act shows and clarifies the tragic flaws within Othello’s character throughout the play.

Due to Othello’s bad judgment and severe jealousy, and Iago’s wicked genius, both characters are responsible for the disaster in Venice. A “tragic flaw” is the issue in a character’s personality within a tragedy that produces his own failure. Othello fits perfectly into this definition. His destruction becomes his own doing, that makes him no longer a helpless victim in the play. Othello had 2 significant tragic flaws: jealousy and lack of confidence in not only himself however Desdemona’s love for him. Othello’s jealousy comes from Iago informing him Cassio was sleeping with his partner.

This caused suspicion which then led to Othello falling straight into Iago’s trap. Othello became incapable of thinking plainly and killed his own wife in their bed. The other flaw, which was lack of confidence, is a substantial consider Othello’s boiled down. Internally, he knew all the prejudices of those who surrounded him: that a black guy is an undesirable creature and is not worthy of love from somebody like Desdemona. These caused Othello 2nd thinking his partner’s love for himself. This then made it easier for him to do what he did.

Although Iago’s wicked genius in the way he manipulated everything and everyone triggered the tragic death of Desdemona, he is not the only guy at fault. It is likewise partially Othello’s duty for this occurrence. It is tough to comprehend why Othello never interacted about the scenario with his better half up until he was about to murder her. This is why Othello is to blame just as much as Iago. He killed the woman he loved and recently wed because of what another man was leading him to think. This of course would not have actually been possible without Iago’s genius set-ups, which made the whole thing seem so legitimate to Othello.

Although Othello took his own life after discovering what he did to Desdemona was not been worthy of, he is still responsible simply as Iago is. William Shakespeare brought every character to life in this play, making it very simple for everybody to personally associate with it. These disasters, think it or not, are not uncommon in society today and this is why this play is so worldly well-known. Even though Iago began this whole mess, the deep root of the problem is latched onto Othello. His terrible defects led to the tragic ending of this popular play.

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