Othello Character Essay

Othello Character Essay

Shakespeare’s Othello Character Conversation Katie Olszewski Othello is a playwright by William Shakespeare. In Othello, a black man called Othello has married the daughter of a Venetian government official, Desdemona. After their marriage Othello is sent to Cyprus to battle the Turks. Fortunately for, the Turks were drowned at sea and no fight took place. Iago was Othello’s flag provider and believed that his rank ought to be greater. So Iago outlined to destroy Othello’s life and it started with getting Othello’s lieutenant Cassio fired after a fight begun by Iago.

Iago was promoted to lieutenant and began to encourage Othello that his better half Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio, the just recently fired lieutenant. Iago convinced Othello that this held true. Iago even planted proof that drove Othello so mad that he wound up killing Desdemona right before he eliminated himself from grief and a guilty conscience. Throughout the play, Othello shows really strong character traits even before the lying began to prevent his mind. Othello in the beginning was very effective and enthusiastic however his capability to trust interfered as his character developed his naiveitivity enabled him to become remarkably envious.

Othello throughout the play was a very strong character. As the story establishes he utilizes his power in various ways. At the start of the play there is a fight in between Brabantio and Othello where Brabantio implicates Othello of taking Desdemona with black magic. Othello is so effective all he has to do is tell Brabantio not to kill him and Brabantio stops in his tracks. “Hold your hands, both of you of my inclining and the rest. Were it my hint to eliminate, I ought to have known it without a prompter” (I, ii, lines 80-3). Not just does Othello have power over Desdemona’s daddy but he likewise has power over the army.

Othello was picked to fight the Turks, the Duke says to him “Valiant Othello, we need to straight utilize you Versus the general enemy Ottoman–“(I, iii, lines 50-51) Othello has actually shown much power over people. He held terrific power over the army in the eyes of the Duke and he had much power over his wife Desdemona. Othello while effective was likewise envious which drove his actions and changed him into a mad guy. While Othello was effective he was likewise enthusiastic. Othello is extremely enthusiastic of whatever he does, whether it is a great passion or a bad one.

At the end of the play in scene 5, Othello is informing the men around him how to pass on his story. He says, “Then you should speak of one that loved not sensibly but too well” (V, ii, line 344). This line goes to demonstrate how much Othello liked. He wished to make certain everyone understood just how much he likes Desdemona. He might have been blinded by jealously but he never ever stopped loving her. His enthusiasm rang through his character even after he had eliminated Desdemona and learned that Iago has lied about his wife unfaithful on him. He says “I kissed thee ere I eliminated thee.

No chance however this, Eliminating myself, to pass away upon a kiss” (V, ii, line 359-60). Othello passionately liked his partner Desdemona. Even after he had actually murdered her his love called through as enthusiastic as ever. Othello represents many strong attributes throughout the play, one of those is trust. Othello’s capability to trust Iago is what caused his death in the end. Iago is the perfect bad guy; he got the trust of Othello and convinced him of his spouse’s affair with Cassio. Iago states this to Othello after Othello fired Cassio IAGO Ha! I like not that. OTHELLO What dost thou say? IAGO Absolutely nothing, my lord: or if– I understand not what.

OTHELLO Was not that Cassio parted from my spouse? IAGO Cassio, my lord! No, sure, I can not believe it, That he would take away so guilty-like, Seeing you coming. OTHELLO I do believe’t was he. (3. 3. 1) As quickly as Iago states this Othello is under Iago’s hook and he totally trusts him. This is when Othello starts to change and shift into the ridiculous man he was at completion of the play. Othello trusts Iago so much he allowed Iago to take over and he believed whatever Iago stated. When Othello requested for proof of the affair, Iago hid Othello while he spoke with Cassio about his girlfriend Bianca.

Othello might not hear a name to the lady that Cassio was discussing, yet he permitted himself to be tricked by Iago was informed Othello they were talking about Desdemona. This is the discussion in between Cassio and Iago with commentary from Othello who remains in hiding within earshot. OTHELLO Look, how he chuckles currently! IAGO I never understood woman love man so. CASSIO Alas, bad rogue! I believe, i’ faith, she loves me. OTHELLO Now he denies it faintly, and chuckles it out. IAGO Do you hear, Cassio? OTHELLO Now he presses him To inform it o’er: go to; well said, well said. IAGO She offers it out that you shall wed hi:

Do you plan it? CASSIO Ha, ha, ha!” (4. 2. 109-18) This discussion simply goes to show how much Othello trusts Iago and how his trust led to his demise. Othello was a rather naive character, he allowed individuals to have fun with him and he might not see it when it was very clear. Iago’s strategy all along was to deceive Othello and ruin his life. Iago states this to Rodreigo. Iago informed Roderigo,” O, sir, material you. I follow him [Othello] to serve my turn upon him” (I, i lines 38-9). What this says is Iago was never there to get his task as Othello’s lieutenant but to run his life.

Othello ought to have seen this. He was such an excellent commander that individuals of Venice picked him to be the front once again the Turks however Othello couldn’t see who the genuine opponent was. Iago drops a big hint to Othello that he was playing him but Othello missed it completely. Iago says, “So please your Grace, my ancient; A male of honesty and trust”(I. iii) The “ancient” refers to Iago and this shows how naive Othello was to trust Iago given that it was Iago that led to his supreme failure. Othello is extremely naive, missing out on tips from Iago that shows his pure hatred for Othello and how he wants to ruin his life.

Finally the last phase of Othello is jealousy. Othello began the play as an entirely not jealous man, trusting his other half completely, to this guy who would kill his friend and his partner over a tall tale. Othello had made a complete and overall transformation from the powerful enthusiastic guy to the hazardous strongly and passionately envious guy who eliminated his innocent spouse. Othello as very first discusses that he is beyond jealously, that he is not capable to being envious for he is to strong. At first he says he will not be jealous “Why, why is this?

Believe’st thou I’ld make a life of jealousy, To follow still the changes of the moon With fresh suspicions? No; to be as soon as in doubt Is as soon as to be fixed: exchange me for a goat, When I shall turn the business of my soul To such exsufflicate and blown surmises, Matching thy reasoning. ‘T is not to make me jealous To say my wife is fair, feeds well, likes company, Is devoid of speech, sings, plays and dances well; Where virtue is, these are more virtuous: Nor from mine own weak benefits will I draw The smallest worry or doubt of her revolt; For she had eyes, and selected me. No, Iago;

I’ll see before I question; when I doubt, prove; And on the evidence, there is no more however this,– Away at the same time with love or jealousy!” (3. 3. 31) Then at the end of the novel he has actually changed, he let Iago get to him. He then confesses that he enjoyed her excessive and he ended up being the green-eyed monster (3. 3. 15) Iago alerted he could become if he let jealousy get to him, the funny this was is that Iago alerted him not to be envious when it was Iago himself who gave Othello every factor to be. “Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught in malice: then need to you speak

Of one that loved not carefully but too well; Of one not easily envious, however being wrought Perplex ‘d in the severe” (5. 2. 341-345) Othello was a powerful and enthusiastic fan of his lovely spouse Desdemona who he captured the heart of without any doubt she was his love. He began to let his trust and naiveitivity permit his good friend Iago to lower him to the most jealous male in Cyprus, eliminating his other half who committed nothing she was accused of. Power, passion, trust, naive, and envious are 5 qualities Othello portrays very highly in Shakespeare’s Othello.

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