Othello and Related

Othello and Related

OtheESSAY CONCERN “Identity is formed by individuals, locations and experiences”. Discuss this statement, demonstrating how authors of texts represent their concepts in relation to identity. In your reaction you should refer to Othello and another associated text. Identity is a crucial theme and concern in Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. A characters identity is the overall essence and how the character is viewed by the audience and in this particular play, factors such as individuals, locations and experiences show that identity can be affected and altered by these such things.

In Othello, dispute ultimately develops from the scheming of the evil Iago, a person altering his rational view on the world. Othello’s identity likewise can be seen to change from the worthy Moor found in Venice, to the violent individual, leading up to the climax of the story in Cyprus. His experience as a soldier and a black guy also affects his outlook on others and life. Through usage of setting, contrasting … … Shakespeare communicates the effects these elements have on the identity modification of the most crucial characters, Othello and Iago. The first Act of the play takes place in Venice.

This is where we see Othello at his most innocent and care complimentary, having actually simply wed the love of his life and have actually not fallen into the trap that shrewd Iago strategies to weave. Othello is a black African prince living in a European, colour discriminative society. Even in Venice, where Othello holds high rank in the Venetian armed force, differences such as the contrast in the method he speaks with the other Venetians and specifically his colour difference affect Othello and begin to plant the seed of insecurity and doubt in his mind, which Iago turns into a full blown jealousy.

Having originated from another nation Othello does not speak like the rest out the characters “Rude am I in my speech”, with this referring not to the harsh language he later on establishes from Iago, however from the changes in his tone and use of words compared to that of the Venetians. As Shakespeare later on alters the setting of play to what used to be war torn Cyprus, the audience start to see a change in Othello’s identity as this is primarily where Iago’s strategy enters into play. The abrupt difference of war and peace in this country likewise seems to connect to the abrupt change of utter love to jealousy and disturbance towards Othello’s view of Desdemona.

It might likewise be discussed that the entire relationship problem came into play as quickly as the couple were out of their Venetian “shell”. This modification of setting is used by Shakespeare to represent and contrast the 2 sides of Othello; tranquil, undisturbed Venice and the noble Moor “How I did grow in this reasonable girl’s love, And she in mine”, to the used to be war torn Cyprus and the savage and violent Moor “She turned to recklessness, and she was a slut”. This shows that identity can be shaped by places together with the assistance of individuals in those places.

Love is also a brand-new experience for Othello and his reaction to Desdemona is considerably affected by his innocence and absence of understanding to the whole situation. “She loved me for then risks I had pass ‘d, And I loved her that she did pity them.” This foreign concept of love, assists shape Othello’s identity into a loving and altered guy, a little bit more caring then the worthy war hero. This likewise leaves Othello feeling even more ripped apart, when he thinks that his one and just first real love is cheating on him and ending up being intimate with Michael Cassio.

Othello’s rage at Desdemona’s infidelity has nothing to do with his love for her; rather, for him, it signifies the damage of his own identity as an effective and enjoyed man. This new experience and feelings of love and security makes it much easier for Iago to manipulate these feelings and turning them into jealousy. Othello would have had no previous experience of “evil” Iago, seeing him just as trusting and truthful and likewise would not have any experience with another individual’s feelings, such as an other half.

His experience as a general also shaped his identity and enters into play at completion of the story when he eliminates Desdemona for the very best of all mankind, to end her wicked ways. Othello is simply a revenger, eliminating Desdemona for the commoner “Yet she need to die, else she’ll betray more males”. Iago in specific is the main reason for the huge identity modification in Othello. This specific man impacted the whole relationship in between Othello and Desdemona, specifically as he was the first person to plant the seed of doubt in Othello’s mind about his wife’s affair.

Othello wrestles with himself, torn between his excellent love for Desdemona and the doubts of her loyalty. Due to the fact that this love is so great, supressing all other cares and love, the idea of any type of betrayal is similarly frustrating; he has no other function in life. Iago plans and manipulates Othello, plotting revenge on him and controling his already insecure self. He likewise foreshadows, cunningly hinting his plans but never ever exposing them “O beware, my lord, of jealousy: It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it eats”.

Without Iago in the story, no characters would be dead at the end and Othello would still have a strong relationship with Desdemona, still thinking lovingly and reasonably. Coinciding with this concept of identity being shaped by external impacts is the novel The Secret Life of Bee’s written by Sue Monk Kid. Both of these texts have the typical theme of identity, connected through the colour discriminative societies and the change and brand-new found identities in the main characters.

Lily Owens is fourteen year old white lady, searching for her identity through her deceased moms past. In a world of strong anti-black regimes, Lily discovers herself seeking for her own liberty from inner and external satanic forces. With the help of powerful black ladies, a servant and three beekeeping sis and a black Mary, Lily discovers a safe haven where she can examine her fractured life and develop psychologically, finally ending up being a satisfied and mature young lady at the end of the novel.

In your house of the 3 black sis, among whom took care of her departed mother, Lily lastly learns the reality about her mom and alters the belief that she had 2 moms and dads that didn’t like her. At the beginning of the novel Lily was a damaged child. Maturing without a mom and the belief that she eliminated her when she was 4, her dad, T Ray, whom she never ever felt close sufficient to, to call daddy, was abusive towards her, as she reminded him of her mom. “I dislike you T Ray, you don’t scare me”.

The only love she received in her early life originated from the households black servant Rosaleen. From maturing in the care of this woman, Lily developed a relationship with black individuals and didn’t have the “problems” and bigotry that the society around her had. This altered her personal view and when Lily discovers herself in the home of 3 black ladies she finds herself more in the house and liked then any girl growing up in a white family “All these moms. I have more mothers then any 8 girls of the street.

They are the moons shining over me”. Likewise remaining in a location that her mother had as soon as lived in made her feel better and more gotten in touch with the mom she never really understood. Lily’s experience with bees likewise helps her through her identity change. Bee’s serve was Lily’s unmentioned guide throughout the unique suggesting rebirth, sexual exploration and individual growth. They direct, accompany and drive Lily forward. For each important action Lily takes in the book, bees or their item participates.

For example licking the honey off Zachary Taylor’s finger and understanding she loves him. She likewise discovers the “secret life of bees” similar to her own life; take care of their mother, continuous capability to keep working and their capability to survive even in the hardest of times. Likewise their reliance on an all-female neighborhood resembles her own dependence. This motif and the metaphor in the title of the book demonstrate how the majority of the characters are not what they appear on the surface; people’s lives are more complicated and complicated then what they seem.

Identity is not just formed from individual reasons. The environment individuals life in, particularly individuals, locations and experiences shape and modification who they in. In relation to Othello, his identity changed depending upon the city he is in, his individual experiences on love and racism and the impact Iago hold over him forms him, making him change to opposite identities. In The Secret Life Of Bee’s the influence of black people, her dad and bee’s help Lily find out her individual story.

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