Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647 Book 1, Chapter 4 Summary

Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647 Book 1, Chapter 4 Summary

The Pilgrims live in Leyden for over a years, but ultimately choose to look for a brand-new house. Bradford attributes this decision to numerous elements, though a lot of these are connected to the economic problems related to life in the Netherlands. Financial hardships dissuaded lots of potential Pilgrims from leaving England and weighed on the minds of the more elderly inhabitants, who might not be able to operate at the very same pace they had when they were more youthful.

In addition, Bradford says that monetary necessity frequently obliged kids to work, which might have numerous negative effects: Much of their kids […] were often so oppressed with their labours, that though their minds were totally free and prepared, their bodies bowed under the weight and became decrepit in early youth … […] However still more lamentable, and of all sorrows most heavy to be borne, was that a lot of the kids, affected by these conditions, and the great licentiousness of the young people of the country, and the lots of temptations of the city, were led by wicked example into dangerous courses (13 ).

Ultimately, however, Bradford suggests that the Pilgrims’ main intention in relocating was a desire to spread Christian teachings into new regions of the world. The location that most of the Pilgrims ultimately chosen is the Americas, though the recommendation initially consults with opposition. Many, for instance, fear being exposed to new environments and diseases, not to point out to the native peoples Bradford identifies as “cruel, barbarous, and treacherous” (14 ).

What’s more, the ocean journey would itself be pricey and unsafe. However, the abundance of allegedly unclaimed land in the Americas shows to be a powerful reward, as does the looming danger of war in Europe. In the end, the majority decide to resettle, trusting that their “lawful and immediate” (14) objective will make sure God’s security.

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