Of Mice and Men – Theme of Loneliness

Of Mice and Guys– Theme of Isolation

The main characters of the book are George and Lennie. Despite the fact that these two appear to have each other, they are both lonely in a manner. Lennie’s psychological retardation isolates him from many people. George is the only individual he can spend time with and often times their relationship is more then just relationship, however reliance. George feels responsible for Lennie, however knows he would be much better off without him.

George has to care for Lennie and tidy up the messes he makes, because of this they are never ever able to remain in one place for a long period of time, making George unable to making long lasting relationships with anybody besides Lennie. Later on in book when Lennie, the only buddy he has, is killed, George is entrusted an even higher loneliness then he had had before. Another character in the book that displays loneliness is Sweet. Sweet survives on the ranch, however due to the fact that he is old and missing out on one hand he is certain that he wont be able to stay there a lot longer.

He discusses it, “They’ll can me purty quickly. Jus’ as soon as I can’t overload out no bunk house, they’ll put me on the country.” (Steinbeck 63) Sweet does not have any family and although the people on ranch don’t dislike him, they do not actually care about him either. After his pet is eliminated Sweet is left with no genuine pals, and resists his isolation by sharing in George and Lennie’s imagine owning a ranch. Another lonely character is Crooks. Crook’s solitude is primarily brought on by bigotry; many people on the ranch are bias versus him.

Crooks discuss how his skin color denies him of the things the other employees are able to take pleasure in, “They play cards therein, however I can not play since I’m black. They state I stink.” (72) Crooks is forced to live by himself by the stables due to the fact that his skin color doesn’t permit him into the bunk houses. Loneliness has feasted on Crooks and he invests most of his time alone working or checking out, however these things can not be a replacement for human friendship. The last character in the book that resists solitude is Curley’s spouse.

Due to the fact that of Curley’s jealousy he wants her to stay inside your house at all times, which leads her to being alone and longing for the days prior to she married Curley. “I get lonely,” she stated. “You can speak to people, however I can not speak with nobody however Curley. Else he gets mad at me.” (91) Curley’s other half attempts to fight her solitude by flirting with the other workers, but when they clearly turn her down in order to avoid of problem, it just even more adds to her solitude.

All in all, it can definitely be said that solitude is one of the main themes on which Of Mice and Guy is constructed. Just like individuals today, the characters deal with problem dealing with and struggling against isolation. Each character searches for friendship, because as Crooks said, “A person requires somebody– to be near him. A man goes nuts if he ain’t got no one. Don’t make no difference who the person is, long’s he’s with you. I inform ya, I inform ya a man gets too lonely an’ he gets sick.” (76 )

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