Of Mice and Men – Shows The Struggles And Hardships That Two Migrant Farm Workers Experienced During The Great Depression

Of Mice and Guys– Shows The Struggles And Challenges That 2 Migrant Farm Employees Experienced During The Great Anxiety

Of Mice and Men, composed by John Steinbeck, reveals the battles and difficulties that 2 migrant farm employees experienced throughout the Great Depression. The dream of owning their own farm keeps them going and lightens the load of their work while it likewise reinforces their friendship. The dream that Lennie and George had, although not likely to be accomplished, triggers a friendship to grow and thus offers a significance to life. Lennie and George have a mutual reliance on each other, but Lennie requires George more due to the fact that he has a mental handicap and George needs to supervise him.

For instance, when Lennie and George fulfilled their new employer, George informed Lennie not to talk so the one in charge would not know how that Lennie is psychologically disabled. Without George telling Lennie not to talk to their new manager Lennie may have showed how unintelligent he was and he may not have gotten the job. George is like a parent to Lennie and he shows his love not through the words he speaks with Lennie but through the way he takes care of him. In addition, Lennie causes trouble anywhere he goes without understanding it. They had to leave their old task due to the fact that Lennie got a women gown.

George likes having George around although he says he would have it easy without him, George finds Lennie amusing in some circumstances and George most likely values having a little obligation in his life. Lennie and George have a special bond in between each other that many grown males do not have, since of this bond they believe they will accomplish their dream. When Lennie has to eliminate George he ends up being the loneliest character in the book, this is since he knows how it feels to have a good friend today that he doesn’t he is much more depressed due to the fact that he knows how it feels to not be lonesome.

For instance, the other ranch hands have actually never ever felt anything else but isolation so they are used to the sensation. Because Lennie used to have George he knows what it feels like to not be lonely. Not only has he lost his friend however likewise his dream of owning their own farm. In addition, the isolation that George deals with might not have actually been causes if he would have monitored Lennie and not let him roam around free. George didn’t wish to eliminate Lennie however he did it for his own excellent so Lennie would not be completely killed by Curley and the other ranch hands.

George shows how much he loves Lennie in the last scene by forgiving Lennie for all the important things he did wrong throughout the novel. A number of individuals in this book are extremely independent and when they get involved in relationships they typically don’t last since the cattle ranch hands are utilized to living alone. They did not achieve their dream since of the lack of knowledge of the people that they connected with throughout the story. Their friendship would have kept on growing other than the cattle ranch hands didn’t comprehend Lennie’s condition for that reason they wished to eliminate him causing George to make the most significant decision of his life.

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