Of Mice and Men – Loneliness Is The Major Underlying Theme Of The Novel

Of Mice and Men– Loneliness Is The Major Underlying Theme Of The Unique

Throughout the novel, Of Mice and Guy (by John Steinbeck), isolation is the major hidden theme of the book. You might almost say that the book has hormone’ up’s and down’s. Most of the characters are very lonely since they have no household. Nevertheless, George and Lennie are the contradiction to this. George and Lennie’s bond towards each other are so- strong that you can practically see it as you read the book. Sweet the old paralyzed man wishes to belong to George and Lennie’s dream to own a farm and “live off the fatta the land”.

Curley and his pet are like the metaphor in the book for George and Lennie. Candy needs to look after his pet dog and George of Lennie. The other two characters in the novel that are apart of the general style of solitude are scoundrels the paralyzed steady buck and Curley’s other half the flirtatious city girl. Crook’s fits in to the loneliness style since he is black. Throughout this time in history, there was really little racial compassion. So being black means that he is isolated from everybody else at the cattle ranch.

Mentioning seclusion, curley’s partner feels extremely separated due to the fact that her husband, Curley, doesn’t trust her at all, however, since Curley is so rigorous and worried about her flirting with other guys it almost fuels her desire to cause problem. The dream of owning a farm and “living off the fatta the land” originally began as a story just to keep Lennie peaceful but since of Lennie continuously asking George to inform him the story kept the dream alive. One time in the bunkhouse, George was re -telling this story when candy overheard it.

Sweet fears that due to the fact that he is getting old and has one maimed hand that any day soon he is going to be asked to leave. For that reason, when he is asked to leave he will not have anywhere to go or anyone to go to. This would be frightening for him so that is why he wants to become part of their dream so terribly. It was candy’s addition to George and Lennie’s dream that made it all occur. They required to raise $600 for the farm and sweet had most of the cash. At this time, they were all thrilled due to the fact that the dream was coming true.

In spite of their massive friendship, if they were to lose each other they would be much like among the other lonesome men with “nobody that provides a damn about.” I believe that is their greatest worry of all time, losing their relationship. However, George in some cases feels as though looking after Lennie as a chore since Lennie can be a genuine handful. The strong friendship between George and Lennie is certainly an advantage nevertheless since they are the only two guys who share that it makes a few of the other people working at the cattle ranch jealous. Crooks is among these individuals who are jealous of their relationship.

When Lennie and crooks initially met, all of the other males went into town and crooks did exactly what George did to Lennie when he first fulfilled him, make the most of his mental state. For the factor that criminals is jealous of their friendship scoundrels tried to persuade Lennie into thinking that George was not going to come back from own that day. In doing this Lennie became angry thinking that something had happened to George. After simply breaking curley’s hand a couple of days before scoundrels ended up being really scared of Lennie and attempted his method of persuasion from another angle.

Criminals tried to persuade Lennie into thinking that if George didn’t return from town that day what was he going to make with himself because he relies a lot on George to take care of him. This puts him in a position of authority. In places him in a position where he can have control over a white male’ so to speak. In addition, due to the fact that he has most likely never had such sort of power that it would be overwhelming after all those years being a stable buck separated from other even if of his colour.

He likewise believes that “a male goes nuts if he ain’t got no one to speak with. Curley’s better half is another character that would experience this kind of seclusion, as loneliness. She is a flirty city girl who is always getting herself into problem with Curley since she flirts with the other men on the ranch. Curley is a lightweight boxer who does not like huge guys just because he is not that huge but that does not stop him at all. The majority of the people at the ranch stay clear of Curley and his better half due to the fact that they know that if they enter any problem with them they could be fired due to the fact that “curley’s old man is the boss”.

Anyway, Curley’s better half has truly brought her isolation upon herself in result of her constant flirting with everyone and due to the fact that she does this, Curley can not trust her to be around the other guys. Curley’s other half is likewise the only girl on the ranch, which suggests that she would be lonesome from not having anyone to talk to apart from Curley. Although she is wed to Curley, she does not actually like him and the relationship is a little dodgy.

I do not actually pity Curley’s spouse in the sense that she is separated from everybody else on the cattle ranch by Curley however you can pity her because Curley is extreme on her anyway. In the end, Curley’s spouse has her neck broken by Lennie but does this purely by mishap. It is a catastrophe for Curley’s partner however she did bring it upon herself. As I have stated, isolation is the major underlying style, nevertheless, there are 2 little “branches” that come off that to do with the three characters, which are worry and jealousy.

All of the characters are lonely but George and Lennie have this worry of becoming similar to the other people being all by themselves and this goes the same for candy and his canine too. Scoundrels is envious of George and Lennie’s close relationship and the genuine loneliness originates from Curley’s other half. All of these 3 functions, in the book make it intriguing and if you were to secure all of these key features you would be entrusted absolutely nothing. These three features are the basis on how the characters connect with one another.

At the end of the novel, you will read that George eliminates Lennie. He does this because much like candy’s canine, is more of an annoyance to himself and everybody else than he is good to himself. Throughout this scene, you get to really see how their relationship, the bravery and courage of George and the shear companionship that they had actually drove George to do what he did. If George did not do, what he did then Curley would have shot him like how Carlson eliminated Candy’s pet dog. If George let Curley eliminate Lennie, he would have the exact same remorse as Candy had for not shooting his dog himself.

When Lennie eliminated Curley’s better half, he had not just damaged his life but the individual he cared most for, George. Not to forget Curley’s spouse and Sweet. Curley’s better half lost her life and Sweet lost the dream in addition to George. So you see how essential Lennie was in the sense of keeping the imagine owing a farm and “living of the fatta the land” alive. So although George may not have actually seen it at the time, but Lennie was as much of the secret to the dream as he was the damage of it.

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