Of Mice and Men: Lennie Small

Of Mice and Male: Lennie Small

Lennie Small has a really symbolic value in the novel Of Mice and Guy. In the unique George Milton and Lennie Small both migrant workers pursue their dream of one day owning their own ranch by traveling around working as cattle ranch hands to earn money. The dream they share is to be able to “live off the fat of the land,” page 14. Lennie Small is a very complex character, although he may not appear to be in the beginning glance. Lennie is the most interesting character in the novel since he varies from the other is lots of methods.

Lennie Small ironically is a man of big stature and very strong. He is child-like in his feelings and has actually a decreased psychological capability. Lennie’s sensations are similar to that of a typical individual when you think about that he is mentally retarded. One of Lennie’s greatest concerns is that of a continued friendship with George. Throughout the unique their friendship is verified as Lennie states, “Since due to the fact that I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you,” page 14. Lennie has a suspect of people except for George.

Also, Lennie is not always sure about what is right and what is incorrect; he depends on George to make the difference for him. Lennie does not have the understanding that his actions have effects. This is seen when he holds on to his animal mouse so securely that he kills it. Lennie strolls his method through life completely unconcerned to the threats of the world hanging on to the dream of sooner or later owning a farm with his best friend George. Lennie does not comprehend his own strength and likewise does not have the understanding of what is socially acceptable habits.

George recognizes that the bad things that Lennie does are not devoted out of meanness. Lennie knows that he does not suit, for instance Lennie states, “Well, I can disappear, I’ll go straight off in the hills and find a cavern.” page 104. Lennie’s fate symbolizes that he has actually become a threat to society. If you are unable to operate within the norms of society than you are unwanted. In conclusion, Lennie Small signifies how tough it is to function in society with a special needs. Only through the love and friendship of George is Lennie able to find peace and be put out of his torment.

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