Of Mice and Men Intro and Conc

Of Mice and Male Intro and Conc

Intro and conclusion to ‘of mice and males’ essay Introduction My subject of this essay is ‘How John Steinbeck establishes the character of Lennie throughout the unique’ My very first point is that Steinbeck develops Lennie’s character really often throughout the novel nevertheless there are times where Lennie doesn’t establish at all such as when he states ‘im gon na tend the rabbits’ over and over again this shows how Lennie hasn’t established and keeps going on about the very same thing and shows no change at all.

Likewise the fact that Lennie is represented as a kid links to this as kids always tirade for something over and over once again another quote to reveal this would be ‘an im gon na live off the fatta the land’ which reveals that Lennie has hopes and dreams like a child does. This fact links to the point that John Steinbeck likes children a lot and says that kids have a sense of specialty so this is possibly why Steinbeck has chosen to portray the character of Lennie in this manner. Conclusion

Total I think that John Steinbeck has actually established the character of Lennie lot of times throughout the unique and mainly this links to the ‘Lacan mirror theory’ which reveals that children only actually reveal their genuine identities when they see themselves for the very first time in a mirror and this fact links to Lennie as he does not know his own strength up until he squashes Curley’s hand this shows that Lennie does not understand himself effectively and therefore reveals development in his character as he is becoming more independent and vibrant but there are also times where he reforms into a kid again.

Last but not least I wish to say that there have actually been numerous developments in Lennie’s character and John Steinbeck has carried them out in an extremely structured way.

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