Of Mice and Men: in a Letter .John Steinbeck Wrote of Curleys Wife: Shes a Nice Girl and Not a Floozy. Discuss and Explain Your Own Impression of Curleys Wife.

Of Mice and Male: in a Letter.John Steinbeck Composed of Curleys Partner: Shes a Nice Lady and Not a Floozy. Talk about and Discuss Your Own Impression of Curleys Wife.i “? Task aOf Mice and Mena: In a letter. John Steinbeck Wrote of Curleyas other half: aSheas a good lady and not a floozy. a Discuss and discuss your own impression of Curleyas wife. In aOf Mice and Mena John Steinbeck explains Curleyas better half as a character of numerous contradictions she is shown as both a great lady and a floozy; lonesome yet vindictive; Motherly however likewise seductive. In this essay I will attempt to go over both of her sides. Throughout the unique Curleyas partner acts and dresses as a floozy; in

the extremely starting when we first see her she is dressed up nice and has her nails painted red which in those days signified threat, she gowns in very good quality clothing and looks after herself much more then she ought to as she remains in a ranch full of males and has chores as all the women those days had. She invests too much time on her appearance, in the unique it states she has rouge lips, hair in little sausages, and

not just is she dressed very great, she likewise acts very seductive by showing off her womanly parts ashe put her hands behind her back and raided the door frame so her body was thrown forwarda. She raids the door frame teasing the males, she understands she will get great deals of attention because she is a young beautiful woman and the men are constantly in the cattle ranch and she is the only girl there. She likewise talks really flirtatiously with the males as she says things aplayfullya revealing she has no interest of finding her partner as she intended to do in the very first place. When she will leave she states aNobody canat blame an individual for lookinaa which has a double meaning. It can be interpreted as you canat blame an individual for looking which would suggest you can not blame her for looking for Curley and you can not blame an individual for looking and admiring her. Also, when she enters the bunkhouse she says aIam lookina for Curleya which is a lie since she is just stating that to flirt and speak to the guys. We can tell that since when Slim says he has simply

seen Curley heading towards their house, she right away ends up being uncertain and heads away because she does not want to be seen flirting with the men. The males understand that she

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