OF MICE AND MEN “Friendships”         The friendship Lennie and George

OF MICE AND MEN “Relationships” The friendship Lennie and George

OF MICE AND MEN “Relationships” The friendship Lennie and George had in Of Mice and Men is matchless to most relationships today. They were 2 very different people combined by fate. Through all the hardships that they have actually been through, they still handled to pull through it all, that is, until it concerned the very end. Lennie and George are polar opposites. Lennie a muscular guy without any sense of what is going on around him, relies purely on what George informs him to do.

Lennie is all brute strength without a tip of intelligence in his body. George on the other hand is a very well-informed male. George has hopes and aspirations he wishes to meet. He is a man that has the ability to look after, and is not dependant on anyone but himself. George may not be as strong as Lennie, however Lennie isn’t as intelligent as George. Through their numerous distinctions these 2 show that they need each other, and through each other they find out how to make it through. Lennie and George balance each other out.

Lennie helps George through his brute strength, while George assists Lennie control his strength. George is the brains of the operation. He thinks about methods to earn their money, and he assists manage Lennie and ensure that he acts himself. The two different characters manage not to clash, but rather balance each other out. They are both assisting each other, That’s what a good relationship needs to be doing. The person should not depend upon the other excessive, and not get anything back, however rather balance each other out.

An excellent relationship ought to assist each other out through whatever, even if it suggests doing what harms to do what’s right for the other. Lennie and George had a relationship like no other, and when it boiled down to the end of things their everlasting relationship was shown to be real. George knew what was finest for his good friend, although he understood that it would hurt him, he understood that it had to be done. George, being the buddy that he was, did not desire Lennie to suffer a lot, and he understood that if Curly obtained Lennie he would be suffering a good deal.

George wished to avoid his pal from suffering a lot, therefore he decided that it would be better if he shot his own good friend. This was not a simple job for George to do, however he understood he had to do it. However, he did refrain from doing this in a cold blooded murder, but he permitted Lennie to enter a delighted zone prior to he shot the trigger. This is evidence that George and Lennie were the best of pals, which they would stay together till in came to the end. Lennie and George were 2 extremely various characters, however they were united by fate.

Through fate they were able to gain from each other, and help cancel each other’s lives. Lennie with his brute strength pleased companies, while George assisted Lennie control that strength given that Lennie could not do it on his own. When it came down to the wire, it is shown that George and Lennie had no ordinary relationship. George knew what he had to do, although it would harm him, due to the fact that he knew it was best for his good friend. That’s what relationship is about, doing what’s best for the other, even if in the end it end up harming even yourself.

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