Of Mice And Men Friendship

Of Mice And Male Relationship

They share a relationship so terrific that if they were both are apart, they couldn’t make it through. Their relationship is a deep one, where they share their lives together, gaining from each others company. “Guys like us, that work on cattle ranches, are the loneliest men in the world. They got no household. They don’t belong no location. They come to a cattle ranch an’ develop a stake and after that they go inta town and blow their stake, and the very first you know they’re pounding in’ their tail on some other ranch. They ain’t got absolutely nothing to expect … With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got someone to speak with that give as a damn about us. We do not need to sit in no bar space blow in’ in our jack jus’ because we got no location else to go. If them other men gets in prison then can rot for all anyone provides a damn. But not us. However not us! An’ why? Because … due to the fact that I got you to take care of me, and you got me to look after you, which’s why. “(p. 13-14) Due to the fact that of the extent of Lennie and George’s relationship, they go beyond the simple sharing of words.

George and Lennie share a dream of owning a farm, due to their profoundly strong bonds. Its is their friendship that makes their dreams of one day owning a farm are possibility In the third chapter of this book, Sweet is focal point due to his dog, which Carlson wants killed. Sweet is an old man who has nobody to speak with or keep him business besides the dog. To him, the canine was more than an animal that smelled, it was a buddy to share life with. When Carlson informs Sweet he wishes to kill his pet, Sweet is reluctant to answer.

Sweet stalls, and lastly succumbs to Carlson’s demand. He had this dog for his whole life, and now that it was gone, Candy would be deserted without a pal. Out of this loneliness, he gets on to Lennie and George’s dream, providing practically everything he needs to them, worrying the necessity of good friends and sharing your life with a buddy. “Tell you what’ s’position I shared you men. Tha’s three hundred and fifty bucks I ‘d put in. I ain’t much good, however I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some.

How ‘d that be? I ‘d make a will an’ leave my share to you men in case I start, ’cause I ain’t got no loved ones nor absolutely nothing. “(p. 59) In this book the majority of the people had no one to share their life with as thoroughly as George, Lennie, Sweet and his dog did, leaving themselves with a space which they tried to fill out. Take for example, Curley’s wife. She had a partner, but he was never ever there to hang out with her, so she entered search of somebody to talk with.

What Curley’s other half required was a buddy or a good friend which she might invest her life with because although she was stunning, she didn’t have anyone to spend her life with, for that reason leading to her misery. “Believe I do not like to speak with someone ever’ from time to time? Believe I like to stick that house alla time? “(p. 77) Through out the book Steinbeck utilizes numerous characters to emphasize a message which he wishes to make clear to us. By taking a look at the circumstances which George, Lennie, Candy, and Curley’s better half were in. We can see the morals of the story.

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