“Of Mice and Men”: For what did Steinbeck Use Candy’s Dog as a Symbol?

“Of Mice and Men”: For what did Steinbeck Use Candy’s Dog as a Symbol?Throughout the unique”Of Mice and Male”we discover certain parts in the book that offers us, the reader an insight into the ending of the story. We come across the death of Sweet’s pet dog that marks a major prophecy in the story. There are likewise some quotes that resemble parallels to the end of the story, although the reader can translate them as bad prophecies, the characters have no idea. For that reason, I believe that the canine is a symbol of the treatment meted out to the old or those thought about inconvenient or no longer of any usage.

I think, this is an apparent metaphor for what George should do to Lennie, who proves to be no great to George and no excellent to himself. Steinbeck re-emphasizes the significance of Sweet’s dog when Sweet says to George that he wishes somebody would shoot him when he’s no longer any excellent. And when Carlson winds up shooting the pet dog, Lennie is the only male not inside the bunk home, I think Steinbeck placed him outside with the canine, away from the other males, to somehow put him in or show the position he will remain in at the end of the story.

He also utilizes the same gun at Lennie’s end; the only difference is that George is the one holding the gun. I also believe the implication of the omens in of mice and men are that the death of Candy’s pet dog is a direct parallel, by this I mean that it nearly explains in information what takes place to Lennie at the end. For instance, the pet is shot in the back of the head; Lennie too is shot in the back of the head. I found out from reading “of mice and men” that a few of the main characters lose an enjoyed one or somebody they appreciate, e. g. n of mice of guys Sweet needs to compromise his precious canine for the good of others, and at the end George has to compromise Lennie for the good of others even though he enjoyed Lennie. I do not think that the treatment shown to the old, handicapped or those paralyzed in “of mice and males” is right or correct. I feel this way due to the fact that I think that everyone, regardless of how old they are or their handicaps can still do something helpful and beneficial, and they are still part of our society. I agree that it would be inhumane to keep someone who is in a lot discomfort alive, if the person wants to be released from their ain. However I need to stress that I feel that the choice be left for that individual to make. However, if they can not make this choice, for example due to psychological ill-health, somebody truly close to the individual who really has that individual’s interest at heart can decide. In conclusion, I believe the author has utilized these prophecies or metaphors as approaches of producing interest among the readers. I found that after reading the story of “of mice and males” it was blatantly apparent that the pet was a prophecy for Lennie’s end and George’s unfortunate days to follow.

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