Of Mice and Men Essay on Lennie

Of Mice and Male Essay on Lennie

Check out the methods Lennie is presented and established in Of Mice and Male Although Lennie is amongst the main characters in ‘Of Mice and Guys’, he is maybe the least self-motivated. He experiences no significant modifications, advancement, or development throughout the novel and remains exactly as the reader encounters him in the opening pages. Throughout this essay I will be discussing the various elements of his character. Although Steinbeck’s insistent foreshadowing of these qualities makes Lennie a rather simple character, Lennie’s simplicity is essential to Steinbeck’s concept of the novel.

Considering that the catastrophe depends upon the outcome appearing to be expected, we as the reader must know from the start that Lennie is doomed, and must be supportive to him. Steinbeck accomplishes these two tasks by creating a character who earns the reader’s compassion due to the fact that of his utter vulnerability in the face of the events that unfold. Lennie is totally defenceless, he can not avoid the threats provided by Curley, Curley’s spouse, or the world at large, ‘Curley’s fist was swinging when Lennie grabbed it. Representing his awful flaw this extract plainly shows that Lennie has no control over his strength which is making the ending more foreseeable. But he is a character whom Steinbeck establishes for disaster, a character whose innocence just seems to guarantee his unavoidable destruction. Steinbeck also represents Lennie as a violent man throughout the novel by making the character of Lennie not able to manage his violence. Compared to the other characters, Lennie reveals an unintended violence. He does not even think to resist when Curley attacks him, but when he does; it is with tremendous and uncontrollable force.

He has so little control over his own strength that he unintentionally kills his puppy, and then minutes later on kills Curley’s other half. His actions on these occasions are compared to those of an animal, powerful however senseless, ‘… a little dead puppy that lay in front of him … his substantial hand rubbed it, rubbed it clear from one end to the other. “Why do you got to get eliminated? … I didn’t bounce you hard.” ‘. This extract clearly reveals that he is uninformed of strength which he is confused to as why the young puppy has actually been killed.

Ironically, Curley’s wife is brought in to him because of the violence he had actually displayed in crushing her partner’s hand. It is the hazard of violence to be utilized against Lennie that causes George to take the last step of killing his buddy. We can also see Lennie as a victim; this is maybe the most interesting trait of his personality for great deals of different reasons. Interestingly, the words utilized to explain Curley’s combating and battle appear to be more violent than Lennie’s aggressiveness, making Lennie seem the victim.

The onomatopoeia usage of words such as “slashed” and “crashed” produce the idea that Lennie is the one being injured in this situation. Cross sectioning, the very same description method is utilized when Lennie is suffocating Curley’s other half. Words such as “battered” and “writhed” are utilized to start that even though Lennie is the one injuring, he is the victim none the less. Furthermore, Steinbeck writes that “Lennie seen in horror” as Curley’s hand crushed under his own, showing that even though he is doing it, he can’t control himself and does not wish to be injuring him.

Quickly, since of the description of the method he is acting, we feel compassion for Lennie, and not the individual he has hurt. Lastly, we also can believe that Lennie is only ever violent through being invited or fooled into it. Firstly, with the mouse he eliminates he states himself “pretty soon they bite my fingers”, showing that he would just ever pet more difficult if they did so. Secondly, he only breaks Curley’s hand since Curley punches him and George informs him to do so, and lastly, Curley’s other half takes his hand and makes him touch her hair, not knowing that he will not let go.

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