Of Mice and Men-Curleys Wife

Of Mice and Men-Curleys Spouse

How does Steinbeck utilize language and structure to portray curleys other half? To start with, her very first description is in chapter two simply after George and lennie have actually gotten here on the ranch. When we first read her description we understand she is all worn red, she wore “red mules”, “red ostrich feathers” and her “finger nails were red”. The author utilizes this symbolic language method to help us comprehend that red is connected with risk in the book. This suggests that she is someone to be avoided. The text likewise specifies she is “greatly comprised”, this recommends that she is attempting to get attention off over men on the cattle ranch.

Secondly, after Curley’s partner leaves, she is called lots of mean things by a few of the ranch employees like “bitch”, “poison”, “tramp” and “prison bait”. This makes us feel prejudice against Curley’s partner. She is revealed as a microcosm of how female were reward in the 1930’s. Thirdly, George tells slim about what Lennie carried out in weed and how he grabbed the ladies “red gown”. This relates the lady in weed to Curley’s spouse as she is also worn red. This makes us prepared for something comparable to occur. Steinbeck used this foreshadowing structure to create thriller and to include tension to the story and to show Curley’s other half as somebody to be avoided.

Furthermore, Steinbeck states once again that Curley’s spouse is “heavily made up”. Steinbeck uses this language device (repeating) to confirm the truth that Curley’s spouse always wants attention off the young boys on the cattle ranch. As we have actually currently met pugnacious Curley, there is now another possible factor she is putting lots of comprise on. It could be that she desires attention, however likewise that she is trying to hide contusions that she could have got of Curley. Fifthly, throughout the novella, Curley and his other half are looking for each other, but for the wrong factors.

Curley’s looking for his better half to make sure she’s not with other men and she is looking for him so that she can avoid him as in chapter 2 after slim states I “seen him goin’ in your home” she was “unexpectedly anxious”. Sixthly, Curley’s spouse says “I want to bust him myself” about Curley, specifying that she remains in a loveless marital relationship which she resents his pugnacious behaviour. Seventhly, Curley’s spouse utilizes what little power she needs to threaten Curley by stating “you understand what I can do if you open you trap”, showing she is sick of being at the bottom of the hierarchy leading her to verbally attack the only individual she can-crooks.

Eighthly, when Curley’s spouse leaves through the barn the “halter chains rattled” and “horses snorted and stamped their feet”. This specifies even nature gets anxious and uneasy around her confirming the fact that she is someone to be avoided. Finally, when lennie kills Curley’s the “pains for attention were all gone from her face”. Steinbeck utilizes this to reveal that Curley’s spouse is devoid of her loveless marital relationship and sexism.

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