Of mice and men crooks diray entry

Of mice and men criminals diray entry

!.?. !? Crooks Diary Entry Tonight Lennie an’ Sweet came in to my space. I argued with Lennie very first tellin’ him he aint got no right to come in to my space. But the stubborn person didn’t comprehend and jus’ can be found in anyhow. He was sayin’ he wished to tend some pup of his. I let him remain and be available in. Lennie began talkin’ to me bout rabbits and a location he, sweet and George was gon na get. I told him he was nuts, jus’ nuts. But Lennie kept sayin’ an’ repeatin’ ‘it aint no lie’ and ‘were gon na do it’. I do not understand what made me listen to him and open bout’ my past however I did anyways.

He made me kinda’ feel comfortable and relaxed. I chose to tease him, an’ I started jokin’ bout George not comin’ back. Course the big fella belived me. Gullible. However then lennie started to get mad, real mad. He frightened the hell outa’ me !! So I assured him I was kiddin around with him. Sweet then joined us bein’ all respectful to me so I let him stay too. Hell I required some business. We was all talkin’ bout’ the dream. An’ I began to actually think it. Sayin’ I would assist on the farm do some chores for them. An’ then Curley’s better half strolled in.

Candy withstood her tellin her she had no right to be here. However she didn’t listen. She was makin’ me real mad so I snapped on her. Shoutin’ at her to get out. The Tart then silenced me sayin’ I was a nigger and I had no right. Hell with her!!! I remained peaceful until she left. George then showed up tellin ‘Lennie off for bein’ here. I stated it was alright and they all left. However prior to sweet left I tol’ him I was jus’ kiddin’ bout’ doin’ them tasks on the farm. An’ I tol’ him to forget it. I’m a stable buck nigger. Dreams like those can’t come to life for individuals like me.

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