Of Mice and Men, Character Sketch George

Of Mice and Guy, Character Sketch George

English 1D0 5 May 2012 Lead Character George Character Analysis George Milton is an intricate character from the novella, Of Mice and Guy, by John Steinbeck. He takes a trip with his very long time buddy, Lennie Small considering that Lennie is unable to care for himself. He has no family and spends his days working as a ranch hand. In the novella, the lead character George is an authoritative,, resentful, yet very thoughtful character. George’s authoritative nature appears form the start of the novella. His companion Lennie is little minded and typically acts like a kid.

For that reason, George needs to be very direct to ensure that Lennie understands and can take orders so that there will not be any issues or confusion. In the beginning of the novella Lennie carries around a dead mouse and George has to frown him to get him to provide it up. “You gon na give me that mouse or do i need to sock you?” (Steinbeck 8). George acts like a dad to Lennie because he needs to, Lennie does not understand any much better and needs that adult like guidance. As an outcome of George’s reliable nature and giving up part of his life to care for Lennie, he is often resentful.

George enjoys Lennie but he is a continuous annoyance to him. When George gets annoyed he reveals his true sensations about his life. “… God a’mighty, if I was alone I could live so simple …” (Steinbeck 11). George feels that if Lennie was not around and if he did not need to look after him, he would be able to live a better life. When George gets annoyed with Lennie, his irritable quality emerges. Despite the fact that George is reliable and sometimes resentful in his relationship with Lennie, he is also really caring in the way he treats him.

It is clear to much of the characters in the novella that George cares deeply for Lennie. “Well I never seen one man take so much difficulty for another guy.” (Steinbeck 22). When George recognizes that Lennie needs to do, he decides that he should be the one to do it. George put Lennie in a peaceful frame of mind prior to conjecturing with a gun to the back of his head. He does this to guarantee that Lennie feels no discomfort. That is why it is evident that George is a supportive character.

Throughout the novella, Of Mice and Male, George’s reliable and resentful qualities become clear not only when he needs to guide Lennie, however also when he ends up being disappointed with him. Although, he is very thoughtful towards Lennie, Lennie is like family to him. Household can often drive a person insane however at the end of the day they like one another. George concerned the conclusion that no matter what Lennie was going to have to die. Given that he was the closest individual to him, he decided that he was the one that needed to eliminate him, George eliminated Lennie simply out of love for him.

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