Of Mice and Men Book Summary

Of Mice and Men Schedule Summary

Chapter 1

Setting: It is a hot Thursday, late in the afternoon. The characters are 4 miles south of Soledad. They stop right by the Salinas River, a gorgeous river in rural California surrounded by woods that have a warn course through them that runs to the river from the cattle ranches and farms. There is a huge sycamore near them with a horizontal limb used smooth by men who have sat on it, and under it is the ash stack of lots of fires. It is a very serene and incredible setting.

New Characters:

George Milton: Described as being small, fast, dark of face, wiry, with restless eyes; whatever about him is specified, bony, sharp and strong. He looks out for Lennie’s security, although he loses his temper at Lennie quickly. He often goes on long tirades about how life would be easier without Lennie, however he really likes having him around. (FOIL of Lennie)

Lennie Small: Described as being big, shapeless, with sloping shoulders, pale eyes, slow moving and uncomfortable. He has a moderate mental special needs and for that reason acts childish and has an innocent air about him. He gets George out of work regularly, however is practically blindly dedicated to his pal. (FOIL of George)

Plot Summary: George and Lennie are headed to the cattle ranch where they are expected to start work the next day. The bus chauffeur dropped them off rather a ways from their designated destination (George grumbles about this later) so they have to walk the rest of the way (1/4 of a mile). Things that occur: Lennie stops to drink from the Salinas River; Lennie is found with a dead mouse; George warns Lennie to act himself; George decides they will remain the night; Lennie’s strength and love for soft things is revealed; George rants about Lennie’s ungratefulness; George tells Lennie his preferred story; George tells Lennie to return to the clearing if any trouble takes place like in Weed.

Declaration: Individuals who are extremely various from one another can still have a very idealistic friendship. All you need to get by in life is to have one true friend. Somebody who appears to make you upset can truly be your buddy.

Chapter 2

Setting: Friday morning at the bunkhouse, a long rectangle-shaped building that is hardly provided, just with 8 bunks (3 of them not with sheets). An applebox is nailed above each bunk for shelves, upon which there was soap, powder, razors, magazines, medicines, combs, and some neckties on the nails of the boxes’ sides. In the middle of the space is a square table and boxes for chairs, and by one wall is a cast iron range.

New Characters:

Sweet: An old swamper who’s missing one hand; “stoop carried”. Has an old dog.

Whitney: The previous bunkhouse occupant who is overly tidy; was a blacksmith.

In Charge: Owner of the ranch below Soledad where Lennie and George work.

Scoundrels: Negro stable buck who had a back injury from a horse kicking him, likes to read.

Smitty: Fought with Crooks at an earlier Christmas celebration.

Curley: The one in charge’ kid, a little young man who wears a Vaseline-filled work glove on his left hand and high-heeled boots to distinguish himself from the workers. He is thin with a brown face, brown eyes, and tightly curled hair. As soon as he was a light-weight fighter and is really aggressive. Curley hates “big guys” since he’s small.

Slim: A jerkline skinner, competent mule motorist, and the regional authority. He is really tall and has an air of wisdom about him. He also has a pet dog called Lulu that recently had young puppies.

Carlson (Carl): A ranchhand.

Curley’s better half: A tart; a tease. Has “the eye”, offers it to everyone however Curley. Greatly comprised all the time. She also has a nasally, grating voice.

Plot Summary: The next morning, Lennie and George make their method to the cattle ranch, where they’re greeted by Candy. Things that occur: George gets concerned due to the fact that he finds a can of lice powder; George asks Candy about the boss; in charge questions George and Lennie and gets suspicious; George and Lennie are designated to work under Slim, getting barley with the threshing device; Sweet overhears George getting mad at Lennie; Curly appears, looking for his daddy; Curley’s better half appears, searching for her other half; Slim enters and is impressed by the relationship of Lennie and George; the triangle rings for supper, leaving Lennie excited at the concept of a pup to have.

Declaration: You’ll meet people who clash with you all your life, but generally you need to attempt and get past that. In some cases you’ll satisfy individuals you’re friendly with. The weak are not tolerated in life.

Chapter 3

Setting: Friday evening in the bunkhouse, after the work day.

New Characters:

Whit: A young worker at the ranch.

Costs Tenner: Former pea cultivator operator at the cattle ranch; a little person, but very nice.

Susy: Owns a house in the area; two fifty a go. A laugh, has 5 ladies in her home.

Clara: Owns a different home; three bucks a fracture, 35 cents a shot. Her women aren’t “tidy” (VD), according to Susy.

Andy Cushman: Went to grade school with Lennie. His Mommy utilized to make hot cakes for the kids; now in San Quentin since of a tart.

Plot Summary: At the end of the workday, Slim and George return to the bunkhouse. Things that happen: Slim provided Lennie a puppy and George thanks him; Slim appreciates George and Lennie’s relationship; George trusts Slim and tells him of what took place in Weed and likewise how Lennie and George became taking a trip buddies; Lennie attempts to smuggle his pup into the bunkhouse; Sweet and Carlson look like Lennie is away putting his pup back; Carlson and Slim pressure Candy to shoot his old canine; Whit distracts the guys in the bunkhouse with a magazine while Carlson takes Sweet’s dog outside and shoots it; Crooks goes into and entrusts Slim to repair a mule’s split hoof; the males speak about the problem of having Curley’s other half around; Whit invites George to accompany the group to the regional whorehouse on Saturday night (although George says he can’t pay for to waste money);

Lennie and Carlson return; Curley appears, looking for his partner once again, and believes she’s with Slim; Whit and Carlson follow Curley to the barn, where Slim is, wanting to see a fight; George tells the story about the farm they hope to purchase and Candy joins their strategy by offering his abilities and life’s cost savings of $350; Slim, Curley, Whit, and Carlson return; Curley apologizes to Slim but then beats up Lennie, who squashes Curley’s hand when George informs him to; Slim orders curley to state it was a device mishap; George comforts Lennie, although Lennie’s only worry is that he won’t get to tend the bunnies on their farm.

Statement: Don’t pick a fight with someone even if they seem weaker than you? they might not be. It’s better to eliminate your own fights than to have another person combat them for you. Almost everybody dreams of a comparable paradise on Earth.

Chapter 4

Setting: Saturday night in Criminal’s room in the barn. The harness room was a little room and established similar to a variation of the bunkroom other than just for a single person. Leather, knives, needles, balls of thread, damaged horse devices, medication, saddle soap, tar, scattered personal ownerships, shoes, an alarm clock, a shotgun, gold-rimmed glasses, and old books might all be found in his space.

New Characters: None

Plot Summary: The next night, Saturday, Crooks is sitting in his bed in the harness space where he lives. All but Candy and Lennie enter into town. Things that occur: Scoundrels heats up to the childlike Lennie; Scoundrels believes Lennie is crazy when he speaks about “the farm”; Crooks philosophizes about friendship; Crooks gets Lennie mad and delights in abusing the simpleton for a while, up until Lennie threatens him; Crooks states everybody has the exact same dream, however none can achieve it; Sweet stop by and also talks of their dreams; Curley’s other half appears and insults them for being so foolish; Sweet brags of the ranch they’re going to get; Curley’s better half talks of her dissatisfied marriage and also believes that Lennis is the maker that broke Curley’s hand; Curley’s partner threatens Crooks with a lynching when he speaks out about informing in charge about her problem; Curley’s partner says she’s happy Lennie beat her spouse up; George arrives and everybody leaves Criminals’ room.

Statement: Some people’s dreams are different than others. You can find pals in unlikely places. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Chapter 5

Setting: Sunday afternoon in the barn. A mountain of hay was on one side of the barn and the horses were resting. Outside it was a great day.

New Characters:

Al Wilts: deputy constable in Soledad

Plot Summary: The majority of the guys are outdoors playing horseshoes. Things that take place: Lennie kills his pup in the barn and is rubbing the corpse, oddly like he stroked the dead mouse’s remains in the beginning of the novel; Lennie gets worried about George discovering that it’s dead, however then he thinks George will not care; Curley’s spouse shows up and consoles Lennie about its death; Lennie describes his fondness for soft things; Curley’s other half goes on about her own dreams; Curly’s partner reveals that she truly dislikes Curley; Curley’s partner lets Lennie stroke her hair, although when she desires him to stop, she begins to scream and he worries and breaks her neck;

Lennie realizes what he has done, partially buries Curley’s better half’s body with hay, takes the puppy’s body with him, and flees to the meeting point George told him he should go to in the start of the book; Candy searches for Lennie and finds the body; Sweet calls George in, who understands what took place too; Candy asks George if they can still get the farm, however he can inform it’s no longer possible; George instructs Candy of how to inform the men so they don’t get suspicious of George; Candy delivers the news; Curley gets his shotgun; Curley orders someone to fetch Scoundrels’ shotgun; Carlson goes to get his Lugger, but it’s missing out on and he presumes that Lennie took it; Whit is sent out to Soledad for Al Wilts; Sweet sticks with Curley’s partner’s body while the others go try to find Lennie.

Statement: Nearly everyone feels lonesome, even if they do not reveal it. Women are only innocent in death. “There is no room for dreaming in such a challenging and inhospitable world.”

Chapter 6

Setting: Late afternoon by the Salinas River, the same location as the very first chapter. (Full circle result.) It is still a heaven-like setting, but the environment is different?.

New Characters:

Aunt Clara: Lennie’s dead auntie from his Auburn childhood, utilized to look after him. She was a little, fat old woman with thick glasses and she used a substantial gingham apron with pockets.

Plot Summary: Lennie returns to the river. Things that occur: Lennie hallucinates and his dead Aunt Clara appears and scolds him for being “bad” and causing George so much problem, then a huge fictional bunny does the same and tells him that George will beat and leave him; George appears, unusually peaceful and unemotional, and reassures Lennie while they broach their dream;

Lennie duplicates his deal to go reside in a cave, however George makes Lennie feel comforted and tells him to stay; they both consent to go to their dream farm “now”; George takes Carlson’s weapon out of his pocket and painfully puts the Luger to the back of Lennie’s neck and eliminates him; George then tosses the weapon away and muffles the riverbank. When the mob approaches, everyone assumes that George took the gun from Lennie then had to shoot him, except for Slim, who comprehended the genuine value of George and Lennie’s friendship.

Statement: Death typically pertains to those who are unaware. Some dreams have to be forgotten, specifically in such a harsh world. Friendship is not understood by the majority of, only the sensible.

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