Of Mice and Men and the American Dream

Of Mice and Guy and the American Dream

“Of Mice and Male,” by John Steinbeck is an imaginary story set in California throughout the Great Anxiety, which follows the misadventures of George and Lennie as they make every effort to obtain their dream home. The elusiveness of a fantasy, specifically the ‘American Dream’, is a prominent idea within the text that is necessary to study due to some goals having the corresponding indefinability in reality. Many major characters in Of Mice and Men confess, at one point or another, to imagining a different life with contentment and liberty. Before her death, Curley’s partner admits her desire to be a motion picture star: “He [said] I could choose that show. However my ol’ girl wouldn’t let me.”, “So I married Curley”. Criminals, the sour stable buck, permits himself the enjoyable dream of “provide [ing] a hand.” hoeing a patch at Lennie’s farm And Sweet latches on frantically to George’s vision of owning 10 of acres. Early within the text, circumstances have already robbed most of the characters of these wishes.
George and Lennie have a notable inclination to follow the American Dream by the ways of acquiring a plot of land, despite the obvious slimness of possibility they have in their successful eventuation.The shared feeling hope which drives them in following their fantasy is typically challenged by realism through characters such as Crooks, who proposes that they will never make a plot of land “till they take [them] out in a box.” Their foreseeable future of failure is supported by Lennie’s subconscious waywardness and unexpected ability to cause injury to those around him. George is awakened to the impossibility of his dream when his partner Lennie mistakenly eliminates the better half of Curley, and subsequently is eliminated himself. This devastation proves that the steady dollar right: such paradises of liberty and satisfaction are not existent within humanity.
It is essential to acknowledge that this evasive dream exists today. In reality, everyone goes through having aspirations that are implausible. A common example of this ‘pipe dream’ is monetary flexibility, which so few individuals have in the world in comparison to population. Lots of people attempt to act to this idea of prospering through purchase of Lottery tickets. The probability, nevertheless, of winning the lottery is so little that it borderlines impossible. Regardless, vast masses of individuals still buy tickets in the hope that they may at some point achieve their dream, paralleling the text.
The American Dream is of huge significance to the text Of Mice And Guy and certainly standard life. The text provides numerous examples of Dreams and shows how challenging, and even difficult, it is to obtain. For people to comprehend what the text interacts about the principle of the American Dream as early as myself, in Year 10, it would be advantageous as it would stress how a ‘perfect life’ is virtually difficult. A lower expectation, together with a more relaxed technique to life would therefore follow, as individuals might accept specific objectives are not within reach. That is, however, the unfortunate truth of the American Dream.

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