Of Mice and Men and Lord of the Flies Analysis

Of Mice and Guy and Lord of the Flies Analysis

danskeLaura Valentiner-Bohse ‘An expedition of relationship in Lord of the Flies and of Mice and Men’ In both Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck obvious parts of relationship are encouraged throughout the story, particularly in Lennie and George’s friendship in Of Mice and Guy and Ralph and Piggy’s friendship in Lord of the Flies. In both books the authors focus on the natural dependence humans have on each other.

Of particular importance is the bond the characters share being outsiders, the dependence they have on one another, the regard they share, the style of survival, the sacrifice that comes with love and the contrast in their characters. The 2 books show the special significance of the strong bond the characters share of being the castaways. In Lord of the Flies when the boys led by the destructive character Jack switch on Ralph and Piggy eventually leaving the two to stand together lost. This enhances an already growing companionship between the young boys to the readers, as they have no other choice than to interact.

Also, in of Mice and Male George advises Lennie that it is simply the 2 of them, up against the world when saying ‘Men like us, that operate in cattle ranches, are the loneliest people on the planet. They got no household … With us it ain’t like that’. The word ‘us’ gives readers the sense of unity in between the two and when referring to ‘they’ he separates in between the other men and the two of them therefore producing a special bond between the two of them. Another great element of friendship within the two books is the reliance they have on each other; naturally this reliance varies from each character in each book.

In Lord of the Flies it is obvious from the minute that Piggy satisfies Ralph he acknowledges his leadership abilities therefore he sticks on to Ralph by anxiously following him in the opening scene, ‘the fat boy hung steadily at his shoulder’ in hope of making it through on the island and his desperation increases when jack start to attack him. Although it seems that Ralph doesn’t feel the exact same desperation as Piggy, there is still a minute when Ralph thinks, ‘what was the practical thing to do? There was no Piggy to talk sense’ from this section the readers can assume that Ralph always depended upon Piggy’s knowledge being just as great a skill as leadership.

Piggy plays a big part in Ralph’s decision-making throughout the book. The friendship initially developed through Piggy’s dependence on Ralph. But as the group falls apart their relationship becomes solid. In Of Mice and Guy, Lennie depends upon George considerably and can merely not make it through on his own and requires George, which George identifies when saying ‘Jesus Christ someone would shoot you for a coyote if you were on your own’. When George describes Lennie as a ‘coyote’ it exemplifies his restricted human impulse, which activates the readers to see Lennie as an incompetent character.

Lennie likewise does not have a general memory and sense which he shows ‘George … I ain’t got [my bus ticket] I musta lost it.’ Lennie does not regard his psychological weakness as a point of anguish as he completely depends on George which exposes his childish nature. Another element in these books is the function of respect. In both books regard plays a significant function in the society that the characters reside in and it seems that in each friendship there’s constantly one character that has the upper hand and because of that acquires more regard than the other.

Through Lord of the flies Piggy shows respect for Ralph consistently by trying to prove his qualities for and example he is happy that Ralph takes note of him although it’s not in the way that he would desire, ‘Piggy grinned reluctantly happy despite himself at even this much recognition’ as he respects Ralph and desires the sensation to become mutual but closer to the end Ralph begins to return that respect as it is displayed in an assembly he gathered, ‘Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.

Ralph was an expert in thought now, and could acknowledge believed in another’ this connotes Ralph’s newly found regard and recommend that he sees Piggy as an equal and is embracing his mindset. In Of Mice and Guy the regard is more one-sided as Lennie psychologically is not up to George’s level of thinking therefore leading to George having to take care of Lennie. ‘Lennie, who had actually been watching, mimicked George precisely. He pressed himself back, drew up his knees, welcomed them, examined to George to see whether he had it perfect’.

The reality that Lennie does this mimicry when it is simply George and himself shows that he truly admires George. At the very same time George knows Lennie’s physical capabilities and he states that Lennie is ‘strong as a bull’ Lennie physically has the capability to do hard labour, which benefits George when taking a trip from task to job thus provides him so level of respect for Lennie. Throughout the 2 books different and differing type of love are revealed between the characters and with love comes sacrifice.

In both books readers observe the characters take excellent procedures for their buddy these acts being genuine and generous as they can be. In Lord of the Flies although Ralph’s behaviour towards Piggy may be perceived as being quite blunt, Ralph shows his sincere regard and love for piggy when he marches over to Jack and demands Piggy’s glasses back. This shows that Ralph is willing to put himself in risk in order to get his pals glasses back, which is an act of compassion and of love.

In of Mice and Men George and Lennie shows an extensive love for each other in the face of society as it is made apparent to the readers that generally workers travel alone. George makes the supreme sacrifice ‘The hand shook violently, however his face set and his hand steadied. He shot … George shivered and looked at the weapon, and after that he threw it from him’ George eliminates Lennie out of kindness since he understands the consequences of eliminating Curley’s better half for Lennie would be being lynched.

George tossed the gun away troubled by his action, making the readers aware this was not an easy choice and because of that it ran out love George decided to kill Lennie. Finally an intriguing component of these friendships are the total contrast in between the characters, as opposites attracts. Both relationships physically and emotionally differentiate from each other. In Lord of the flies Ralph and Piggy personalities immediately contrasted one another in the beginning of the book. Piggy appears clumsy by the looks of his awkwardly proportioned body.

Ralph on the other hand is representing a standard picture of a kid his age. The opening description of Piggy is ‘He was much shorter than the fair boy and extremely fat. He came forward, locating safe lodgments for his feet’ this immediately draws a difference between the 2 as Ralph is described as refined whereas Piggy is illustrated as gawky when he’s looking for where to step and is rejected by the others when he offers his assistance Jack responds ‘we don’t want you’ Jack looks down on Piggy and as a leader he affects the others to do so too.

The opening scene in Of Mice and Male develops the obvious physically distinctions when ‘the very first guy was small … Every part of him was specified … Behind him strolled his opposite, a huge guy, shapeless of face, with big, pale eyes, and large, sloping shoulders’ these descriptions clearly describes to the readers George and Lennie’s looks and particular choices of words allow the readers associates this with a character as George is ‘specified’ indicating he is the reverse of his buddy.

As Lennie is big developed and so readers assume he is the physically more powerful however ‘sloping shoulders’ recognize he is childish with his careless and negligent nature but likewise reveals the simplicity in his personality. In conclusion I think that many elements have led to the characters from Of Mice and Guy and Lord of the Flies to gain such a substantially strong relationship.

However one of the biggest elements that I concern to be the most impressive is the nature of people in which they survive together in pairs. Both relationships depended significantly on each other through the unique since being alone they simply would not have been mentally strong enough by themselves. Both friendships depend on each other in different ways however obviously rely on each other considerably as I have explored in numerous ways.

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