Of Mice and Men (Analyss of Two Places in Novel to Illustrate Theme of

Of Mice and Male (Analyss of 2 Places in Novel to Highlight Style of

An Ill-fated Paradise As existing challenges in ones life taint the quality of existence, a fantasy setting in ones mind can develop happiness. These? pleased locations’ that all individuals go to in their mind contrast slightly to the real life in regards to what they represent and conjure up from the individual. In the brief novel, Of Mice and Male, by John Steinbeck, the significance of a dream location is exemplified through the struggles and hopes of George Milton and Lennie Small.

While both are unfortunate people who count on each others existence, the aspiration of owning their own farm with rabbits enables them to continue in the cruel and competitive world they’ve familiarized through the psychological handicap of Lennie. Regardless of the optimistic setting they imagine, true location proves to be perpetual when Lennie passes away. Nevertheless, when contrasted, the representation of imprisonment and freedom is embodied through the components of George and Lennie’s microcosm versus their utopia, further adding to a theme that a confident technique to life is futile.

The farm that Lennie and George are used to represents struggle, and hardship. Nevertheless, the world that the future holds for Lennie and George represents reward, hope, and liberty. While working hard on a cattle ranch in the Salinas Valley in California in what seems to be the time of the anxiety, buddies Lennie and George come across opportunity and fallbacks. Though surrounded by positive people, the presence of one man, Curly, the boss’s son, signifies the unpleasant entrapment of his employees by his horrible character.

Curly’s harsh imperious character connotes entrapment and distress in his presence. The strenuous labor needed of work on the farm likewise implies strife and discomfort. No matter their existing position and place, Lennie and George look beyond to a place where they are in charge: the not too long run where Lennie and George own a farm together, with the accessory of rabbits. This place signifies flexibility of the discomforts of the society that Lennie and George have both skilled.

In this location, Lennie and George command themselves and listen to no other. Since of Lennies handicap, this goal allows him to be as independent as feasible. In doing so, dominating all odds. For hardworking and accountable George, he too will acquire a sense of self-reliance and freedom through the liberties of idleness. However, the ruthless function of the real world disillusions the reader when Lennie unintentionally eliminates Curly’s spouse.

In an act of absolute loyalty, George takes it upon himself to effectuate Lennies death while for the final time relating of? their’ farm with the rabbits and brings Lennie to peace and refuge through the illustration of their unworldly place. Though their desires for liberty represented by their own farm were strong, inevitably, the inclemency of life represented by their real atmosphere over ruled and rejected weak Lennie of his dream, while also disillusioning George.

Though the time honored timeless, Of Mice and Guy by John Steinbeck often times is interpreted to personify the significance of relationship, commitment, and isolation, despondence is also an indisputable theme of the story. Through the idea of hopes and dreams exemplified through both George and Lennie’s Paradise, the reader is result in a sanguine climax. However, the variation of ideal and real locale’s in the lives of both George and Lennie Typifies the interminable clash in between dreams and truth.

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