Of Mice and Men: An Analysis

Of Mice and Guy: An Analysis

Of Mice and Male Analytical Essay Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and Pooh Bear and Piglet are all pairs of true pals. They are together, assisting and caring for each other in both fun and easy times, in addition to hard and unpleasant times. A true friend is one’s advocate, partner, and partner. A real friend is someone who brings the other back up when they’re down and is always there for them to depend on. John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Guy, informs the story of 2 true friends. George and Lennie have actually traveled together for quite a long time.

George is a little, lean, quick-witted man who travels with, and looks after Lennie. Lennie is a big, clumsy, childish migrant employee. George is a true friend to Lennie because he constantly has Lennie’s benefit in mind, safeguards him to the best of his ability and assures the togetherness between the two of them. Whether making choices or encouraging Lennie what he need to do, George always has in mind what is best for Lennie because he is a real good friend. For instance, George assists Lennie protect and keep a job. George permits Lennie to travel with him and work by his side.

The 2 get to a cattle ranch for employment, and George speaks on Lennie’s behalf to earn Lennie and himself a task. When speaking with the boss about Lennie, George states, “… He makes certain a hell of a great employee. Strong as a bull” (Steinbeck 22). George promotes Lennie in this instance and provides an image of a strong, well-suited employee for the cattle ranch. As a real buddy, George helps make Lennie chances for work and helps him in keeping them. Additionally, no matter how complex a circumstance is, George has Lennie’s best interest in mind and this is precisely what George is thinking of when he shoots Lennie at the end of the book.

The situation is a tough one. Commitment to the general wellness of Lennie is revealed here because George and Lennie have taken a trip together as far back as anybody understands and they are each other’s partner. “‘Never you mind,’ stated Slim. ‘A person got to often'” (107 ). Slim explains that a male has to make difficult decisions for the overall wellbeing of oneself and liked ones. Lennie and George are constantly on the run. The accusations surrounding Lennie force George to make a decision to leave Weed.

Promptly, they range from their present cattle ranch as an outcome of another occurrence caused by Lennie. On the ranch, Curley’s Other half, the boss’s kid’s spouse, is killed accidently by Lennie. Lennie is roughly spirited and in this circumstances, a death took place. George understands that he could no longer safeguard Lennie from himself and the only humane thing delegated do is to end Lennie’s life. George understands that the accidental murder Lennie dedicated will result in Lennie’s ultimate death. The only control that stays with George is how his dear buddy will pass away.

Overall, George displays the characteristics of a true pal because he ignores his own requirements and remembers what is finest for his pal. Another way George has Lennie’s best interest in mind is the method he safeguards Lennie in difficult circumstances. George standing up for Lennie in hard situations is an example of how George’s true friendship with Lennie is shown. For instance, when George is talking to Slim, who is referred to as the ‘prince of the ranch’, Slim makes a remark about Lennie being a ‘cuckoo’. With that, George replies: ‘He ain’t no cuckoo,’ stated George. He’s dumb as hell, however he ain’t insane. An’ I ain’t so brilliant neither, or I would not be buckin’ barley for my fifty and discovered. If I was intense, if I was even a bit wise, I ‘d have my own little place, an’ I ‘d be bringin’ in my own crops, ‘stead of doin’ all the work and not getting what turns up outta the ground’ (39 ). George is self-deprecating in this circumstances in an effort to protect Lennie. He desires Lennie to be acknowledged positively and to get the credit he is worthy of for being such a hard worker. George is plainly telling the reality to defend his friend.

In another conversation with Slim, George is confronted with a second scenario to protect his pal. After George tells Slim the story about being gone after out of Weed due to the fact that Lennie had actually gotten the woman’s gown and wouldn’t let go, he adds, “”Course he ain’t [mean], and he’ll do any damn thing I–‘” (42 ). George is concise and direct with this statement. He addresses the point in an undeviating way due to the fact that it is what it is. If anybody were to ever accuse Lennie of something unjustified, George is, and always will be the first one to bolster his buddy quickly.

He rushes to inform Slim that Lennie is actually a good guy and is just perceived not to be because of his size. George constantly stands up for Lennie no matter how challenging the circumstance. Not just will George stand up for Lennie, he constantly assures Lennie that they will always have each other which he will stay a real friend to Lennie at all times. Regardless of the number of arguments George and Lennie get in, George still states, “‘I desire you to stick with me, Lennie'” (13 ). The two of them can fight all they desire, but at the end of the day George still desires Lennie to stick with him nd travel with him. Likewise, George shows to Lennie the hopefulness they have together when he says, “‘Guys like us, that deal with ranches, are the loneliest men on the planet. They got no household. They do not belong no location … With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got someone to talk to that offers a damn about us'” (13-14). Though the road ahead is hazy, the companionship they have is touching and real. The way George expresses himself to Lennie in this instance could be considered a model for real friendship. He keeps the roadway ahead deemed an optimistic place for Lennie.

With that, Lennie is then able to respond to George’s idea of an intense future with, “‘An’ why? Since … because I got you to care for me, and you got me to look after you, which’s why'” (14 ). George has the ability to communicate such a brilliant future of fellowship with Lennie that Lennie has the ability to see that possible himself and hold that image highly in his mind. It is necessary for Lennie to have this peace of mind due to the fact that of his psychological instability. Relationship ends up being a strong importance in Lennie’s mind and assists establish a protected environment for him to live in.

In conclusion, the vision of togetherness George provides for Lennie displays an illustration of real friendship. In conclusion, George proves that he is a real friend to Lennie. George has Lennie’s benefit in mind at all times. Also, as a real good friend, protects Lennie to the best of his ability. Lastly, he emphasizes the special companionship that the 2 of them share. Seeing George show the qualities of a true pal contributes to one’s analysis of the unique since in the end, when Lennie is shot, it assists the reader genuinely comprehend the reasoning and George’s thought behind the action.

George shoots Lennie out of love and look after his pal and the unselfish act shows strength and compassion. If George had not shot Lennie, he could be viewed as self-centered and simply believing simply about his personal relationships rather than a greater outlook of how Lennie could detriment others. Throughout the novel, George clearly demonstrates that he has the attributes of a true good friend and is a true pal to Lennie.

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