Of Mice and Men – American Dream

Of Mice and Guys– American Dream

Of Mice and Guys Essay The American Dream is a dream of a land in which life must be better, richer, and fuller and with chance for each. It is an imagine social order in which each man and woman must have the ability to achieve the max rank of which they can, and be recognized for what they are, despite the scenarios of birth or position. Of Mice and Men takes place in the 1930’s of America during the Great Anxiety. The American dream is a considerable theme in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Guy both Lennie and George remain optimistic about accomplishing the dream, ‘We ‘d have plenty of rabbits. George says this to Lennie to keep his spirits up for the future. George says ‘We ‘d’ which is future tense and the future tense provides him the motivation to obtain the dream. Nonetheless, the dream is never ever satisfied, and the characters who have actually relied on it are the ones who are the most devastated. Slim’s convenience at the end “You hadda George”, shows the sad truth that a person has to give up one’s dreams in order to survive. The characters with the highest status and power do not seem to depend on the American dream as much as the characters with a lower status.

From the descriptions of the characters, we see from the start who has a higher status and who would be valued more on the cattle ranch. When slim is initially pointed out to George and Lennie Sweet talks extremely of him. “Hell of a nice fella. Slim don’t need to wear no high-heeled boots on a grain group” This being stated about Slim from somebody who works under him, shows that Slim is appreciated. He doesn’t have to use “high-heeled boots” in order to get authority. He already has it, and the respect of the males. The second physical description of Slim is the very first time George and Lennie see him. High guy stood in the doorway. He held a crushed Stetson hat under his arm while he combed his long, black, moist hair directly back … When he had actually completed combing his hair he moved into the space, and he moved with a majesty just attained by royalty and master artisans. He was a jerkline skinner, the prince of the cattle ranch’ His height is mentioned which can be a representation of his status on the cattle ranch. ‘He combed his long, black, wet hair directly back’ this shows that he is well groomed and appreciates his external look. This likewise provides the reader a sense of what he looks like.

Steinbeck says ‘he moved with a majesty …’ this shows that he moves with the experience of an experienced worker. Slim doesn’t demand respect however is given it this is various in another among the high ranking character. Curley, the one in charge’ child, is a wicked character in Steinbeck’s world. Even Lennie feels the sense of hazard when Curley first comes into the bunkhouse. ‘Like the one in charge he wore high-heeled boots’ this offers Curley more power due to the fact that considering that he is the one in charge’ kid he can’t be fired. Curley always needs to tease people who seem weaker than him so he can have the upper-hand.

He is very wary of individuals and will rapidly pick out the weakest. When approaching Lennie ‘Curley stepped gingerly near to him.’ Curley bewares however appears to lose out on essential details since of his fascination with fighting. Steinbeck reveals the power and status of a few of the characters by what other characters think of them. Sweet is the first to inform us of a few of the members on the ranch, he alerts George and Lennie about Curley. Sweet states ‘He’s done quite a bit in the ring.’ Candy states this as a cautioning about Curley’s possible violence.

Steinbeck may have been informing the reader from the start that Curley was going to be looking for a battle. Obviously Candy was trying to advise them to stay away from Curley perhaps from previous experiences. Curley never wishes to ‘play fair’ ‘Curley don’t take opportunities, he constantly wins’ he doesn’t play by the guidelines and will go to whatever lengths to get what he wants. He thinks that because he is the boss’ child he is untouchable. When speaking with George and Lennie he addresses Lennie however Lennie was told not to speak by George and George steps in to respond to for him.

Curley then states ‘he’s got to talk when he’s spoken with.’ Curley sees this as a sign of disrespect and he believes because of the power he has he can demand that type of respect he believes he should have. Curley’s own spouse states he’s ‘not a nice fella.’ This reveals that there is probably own 1 individual on the ranch that likes him which is the one in charge. Slim is a male who is gifted with charm and a god-like personality. Candy discuss him with terrific adoration ‘Slim’s a jerkline skinner. Hell of a nice fella’ His fellow employees appear to have a good relationship with him and appear to idolise him.

The physical and character attributes of Slim exemplify an ideal leader. However Slim is really mysterious he is discussed with so much worship however we never ever truly be familiar with him. ‘Nobody understands what Slim can do’ this indicates like the god-like figure he is represented to be no one understands where his powers reach and what he is capable of. Curley and Slim are 2 crucial characters who are extremely various. Slim has an obtained status. He has actually gotten his power by how he acts and the effort he does. The other works on the cattle ranch admire him.

They see him as their leader. When Candy informs George and Lennie about him he speaks about the fact that Slim doesn’t ‘require’ or wish to wear pricey or fashionable clothes to reveal people how impressive he is. Slim strive and that is what separates him from the boss, who does not work and wears the expensive items. In the sad situation of Sweet’s pet dog having to be shot by Carlson, Slim takes charge. Despite the fact that Carlson was the one who was adamant about the concept he still permitted Slim to lead the operation.

Steinbeck highlights the point by saying ‘Carlson stepped back and let Slim precede him’ this shows the relationship in between Slim and Carlson. Carlson knows hi place on the cattle ranch. All of this goes back to the God-like description of Slim and he measured up to his expectations. Slim has a great deal of power and affects the cattle ranch employees in a huge way but he sets good examples as a leader. Even Curley doesn’t want to get on Slim’s bad side ‘Well I didn’t indicate absolutely nothing, Slim. I just ast you’ It looks like Curley doesn’t want Slim to be angry at him and appears to ask for forgiveness.

Curley is the reverse of Slim in a lot of methods. Curley didn’t earn his power he was offered his power because he is the bosses boy. Curley uses one work glove which is filled with Vaseline. Steinbeck uses the work glove to suggest that Curley might be in 2 worlds. He is out all day like the work males but not always doing any work. He is primarily out chasing his partner. He has actually developed a reputation for himself, spreading out like secret about the ‘Glove fulla Vaseline’ which reveals disrespect for his by thinking he can do what he desires with her and then gossip about It later.

What Candy has actually told George about Curley has actually set him up for extremely low expectations. It is said ‘Curley is cockier ‘n since he got married.’ This shows that he believes he is better than everybody just because he has a lady. He see’s woman as objects like prizes to be won and shown off. He is an extremely egotistical and aggressive guy. Lennie laughs (unintentionally) when Curley is angry and Curley immediately has to get aggressive. He is fretted about his track record being damaged by Lennie making fun of him ‘No son-of a bitch is gon na laugh at me’ so he turned to violence as to not damage his ego. In conclusion

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