Of Mice and Men Alternate Ending

Of Mice and Guy Alternate Ending

English Creative Composing Job- Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck Lennie saw as the Frog bounded in between the Lilly pads on the water, he saw the frog’s eyes dart suddenly, as it sensed its prey was near. It sank under the water and let the existing pull it down stream and then unexpectedly it jumped out of the water like a cork comes out of a bottle, its eyes shone and its tongue darted out of its mouth and in a flash the fly was gone. “That’ll be me in a sec” mumbled Lennie hopelessly.

There was a faint buzzing sound then the frog was gone as quickly as it had actually come. Silence as soon as again fell on the river much to Lennie’s frustration, he liked not needing to consider the early mornings happenings. “I done a bad thing … I done a bad thing”, Lennie continued to whisper as if I a hypnotic trance. He removed his hat and went down to eat some wild ‘shrooms growing by the stream. Lennie gradually picked up the shroom and placed the tiniest shaving into his mouth; He struggled against the desire to spit it back out but ultimately swallowed it.

Instantly Lennie’s stomach screamed out in discomfort and his mouth went dry. His brain was yelling at him for water yet Lennie’s body wasn’t following his orders to move and get some water. “Tis it” Lennie believed, “Looks like I aint gon na get to tend the rabbits anyways” and with one last attempt he attempted to move towards the river but just fell head over heels. Lennie looked up at the sky and in his mind he produced a picture of a bunny into a cloud” You did it once again “mentioned the bunny.

Where ever you go you always appear to trigger difficulty, you always fail” and with that Lennie’s eyes flickered then fell towards the ground and Lennie felt himself fall under a deep sleep jut inches from the security of the river. Lennie felt a faint tapping on his face he turned over into the dirt, his mind still in a trance, he felt something buzzing in his ear he covered his ears, then suddenly the earth tipped itself upside down and all the water arrived on Lennie’s back. As if to admit defeat Lennie sat up as rapidly as lightning and opened his eyes and there in front of him was the cheesy yet worried face of George.

Lennie closed his eyes and believed to himself “am I dreamin?!, I ave to be his awareness responded tis is too excellent to be real, oh simply open your eyes and see” believed Lennie. Lennie gradually opened one eye, like a young child reaches for the cookie container on a leading self, then he opened the other and George was still there standing in front of him. “George !!!!” sobbed Lennie, “Lennie!” shouted George. “I’m sorry George, I. I, I didn’t imply ta eliminate ha, I, I just wished to stroke her hair” cried Lennie falling into George’s shoulder. Tis, ok Lennie, It wasn’t your fault, your so big tats all” said George. Lennie was reluctant, then stated meekly “George …, do I still get to tend the bunnies”. “Geez Lennie, is that all ya think of!?!, those bloody rabbits, tis all ya ever dream of!!” yelled George. “I’m sorry, George, I simply enjoy bunnies, there just so great to pat and fluffy and they aint so little” Lennie responded timidly. “I’m just joking ya Lennie, naturally ya can, I would not take that far from ya” replied George with a wink. “George, howdya know where I was? said Lennie as if back in reality. “Geez Lennie, don’t ya keep in mind anythin, I informed ya if you get in problem to come down to the stream” George stated. “Oh sorry George, I forgot once again” Lennie stated. “Tis ok” George stated rather sardonically, “Hey, if I hadn’t found ya when I did you would not have actually made it through, “I saw those shrooms next to ya and I knew wat ‘d ya done so I got water on you quick clever prior to you overheated” said George. “However George I aint outa the woods yet where we gon na go”. “Where ever fate takes us”, George states silently. 3 months later on

Your home that Lennie, George had actually bought had gone through lots of modifications. It had a new coat of yellow paint like the colour of ducklings, with a black roof and a chimney for the stove. Your house was completely situated in within the hills and meadows, not far from the Salinas River. It was only simply concealed from civilization however seemed like a mile away from anywhere. A location like this would be challenging to find but certainly not impossible. Lennie was busy tending his bunnies, with a level of mastery and gentleness equivalent to that of the very best seamstress. Hey there Mr. rabbit, would you like some alfalfa …?” the rabbit moved its small little nose up and down. Lennie took this action to be ‘yes’ and provided the bunny the alfalfa. “What about you Mrs Rabbit would you like- Lennie blurt a deafening scream as loud as an elephant that has been poked with a curling iron sword. The bunny he was talking to was divided in two by a shotgun shell. “Lennie Small you are a desired man and you are being charged for two murders and rape. We have you surrounded and resistance is impossible.

Give up now and we will give you a great a slap throughout the face and you’ll feel the happiness of hanging by your throat mid air.” The one in charge smiled at the power he held over Lennie. George originated from the house armed with a Rifle.” Do not listen to him Lennie …”In charge reacted to the fire arm in Georges hand and in a panic pulled the trigger on Lennie. “Lennie!” George screamed, as he leaped forward and jumped under Lennie in attempt to capture him, do anything which he might control. Lennie’s body laid limp and lifeless without any pulse. “Why does this constantly occur? George asked in disbelief. “Guy do I seem like Satan. Now George I’m a merciful god and will permit you to live” said the Boss irritatingly. George responded by securing his rifle and shooting the boss in his leg. “Now why in the hell did you do that I’m letting you go off the hook?! “, the one in charge screamed, annoyed. “God’s don’t bleed” stated George. And with that George looked up at the sky and stated “It’s ok Lennie; no one can injure ya now”. Tears remained in George’s eyes as he got The one in charge’ shotgun lifted it to the side of his head, simply above his ear and shot.

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