Oedipus the King and the Word “Blind”

Oedipus the King

Oedipus, at the start of the play speaks with the young people of Thebes and asks why they are all there when the city needs assistance. Thebes has been cursed with a pester and the people need their god to tell them what they require to do to conserve their city. Oedipus sees an old priest bowing at his feet and he asks him to promote everybody of the reason they are worshiping him in such a manor. Oedipus states he is prepared to help with whatever it takes to assist his individuals. He said he would do anything, be “blind to torment” not to see that these people remain in desperate need of his help. Oh, my kids, the new blood of ancient Thebes” (line1) Oedipus used the phrase “my kids” to highlight that his people imply as much to him as his own children. “The new members of Thebes”, would inform the reader that they are the brand-new young generation of Thebes. As the prologue continues, Oedipus asks his people why they exist on their knees and deals with, bowing and pleading for such severe assistance from him and the city is alarming requirement of help. He says the city “reeks with the smoke of burning incense, rings with cries for the therapist and wailing for the dead” (lines 4-5).

The city is passing away fast, like incense that you burn. It has gotten so bad that it is as you could not see the great city Thebes once was, like thick reeking smoke in a building that is on fire. People are asking to get help from the healer, Apollo, the god of music, hardship, and prophecy. “Here I am myself, you all know me, the world is my fame: I am Oedipus” (lines 7-9). Here, Oedipus is revealing his cocky side, he is telling his individuals that there is absolutely nothing that he can not deal with. Everybody knows him, he is the excellent riddler, and he is the man of all guys in so many words.

As he informs the priest to speak for everyone, he says “You can trust me. I am ready to help, I’ll do anything. I would be blind to torment not to pity my individuals kneeling at my feet” (lines 13-15). Oedipus demonstrates how concerned he has to do with his individuals and lets them know that they can trust him. He said he will do anything to make this better to who and what he like so dearly. He states that he would be “blind to suffering” indicating that he wants to be caring to suffering. The very first fifteen lines in the prologue are necessary because it sets the tone what has actually occurred to Oedipus’s city.

The word “blind” is utilized several times throughout the text in many different ways, and a lot of them describe Oedipus. When Oedipus states that he would be blind to misery, he did not think that he would be actually blind. He merely mentioned that he was thoughtful to misery. It could even mean that he was blind to the trick of the truth that he indeed was the murderer of Laius. In lines 359-375 Tiresias and Oedipus are discussing the condition of the city of Thebes. Tiresias informs Oedipus that he is not going to inform him any details about what he sees in the divine world.

He tells Oedipus that only in darkness you will see the light. Tiresias states, “how awful- to see the truth when the reality is only pain to him who sees! I understood it well, but I put it from my mind, else I never ever would have come” (Lines 359-362). He is stating that he sees the reality in his magnificent method and it is awful to see the important things that lie ahead. There is much pain for Oedipus, and Tiresias sees what is to come. He is informing Oedipus that he just thinks he would like to know the reality; Tiresias needed to do what he knew he needed to by conference with Oedipus.

Oedipus continues to attempt to get as much information out of Tiresias, Tiresias tells him, “I stop working to see that your own words are so well-timed. I ‘d rather not have the very same thing said of me?” (Lines 368-370). Tiresias literally can not see, the gods offered him the magnificent sight to see the future due to the fact that of his literal eye issue. He knows that Oedipus is great with words and he knows that of the future. He would rather be blind in the way that he is than go through the loss of sight and fait of Oedipus. “None of you understands- and I will never ever expose my terrible tricks, not to state your own” (lines374-376).

Tiresias is saying that those who see literally does not desire or require to understand what the reality and future has for each of them or the city of Thebes. This is another manner in which blindness is used. Tiresias is a literally blind guy that can see divinely. Oedipus is blind to what he has actually done and what is to come, but he can see literally. Tiresias is telling Oedipus that just when he is actually blind will he know the fact. When Oedipus understands that he is married to his mother, killed his dad, and has had kids with his mother he begins to think that he is the worst kind of individual to do something so awful.

In lines 1402-1411 Oedipus had just discovered his mother and partner hung, killing herself recognizing that she wed and had children with her own boy. Oedipus took her broaches off her gown and held them high and dug them into his eyes. “He dupes her broaches, the long gold pins holding her robes-lifting them high, looking directly into the points; he digs them down into the sockets of his eyes” (lines 1402-1405). He utilized her broaches and held them high to show everyone that he takes total blame for what he has actually done.

He seems like she eliminated herself due to the fact that of him and blinded himself literally to the world. “You, you’ll see no more the discomfort I suffered, all the discomfort I caused!” (Lines 1405-1406). Oedipus is state that he is punishing himself for what he has actually done. He might be revealing the gods that he does not require murdered or exiled since what he has actually done to himself was much more unpleasant. “Too long you looked on the ones you never must have seen; blind to the ones you longed to see, to know! Blind from this hour on! Blind in the darkness!” (Lines1407-1411). He should have never ever seen his mom in the methods of an other half.

He longed to see the murderer of Laius when he was blind to understand that it was himself the entire time, he might have longed to understand his parents when he coped with his genuine mother for years. He was blind his entire life in such a way that he did not know was possible for such a powerful man. He then blinded himself actually as if he has actually been his whole life anyhow. He was blind in the light, what was the need for light when he was blind anyhow. He wished to blind himself so he would not literally have to see the pain any longer, “to see” or “to understand” was excessive for him.

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