Oedipus the King Mini Essay

Oedipus the King

Oedipus Mini Essay There is nothing even worse than having sight without insight. The Dalai Lama says that “Insight is the crucial to freedom.” On a day to day basis humans exist upon many choices that count on more than physical sight, they count on their own insight to make the right decisions. For example a trainee is strolling house from school and sees a wallet, their physical sight tells them to pick it up and keep it, but their insight tells them to look through the wallet for identification of whose wallet it might be.

If they discovered identification of the individual they could provide it back. If no recognition was discovered their insight would be to deliver it to the local police headquarters. If the person who found the wallet did not have insight then the wallet would never be returned to its owner. Its Life examples like these which can be connected to Oedipus the King composed by Sophocles as Oedipus seemed well established his real character, nevertheless he was in fact not. Sophocles efficiently uses irony, images, and paradox to exhibit the style that physical sight does not relate with insight.

Irony is utilized efficiently through the character advancement of Oedipus. Imagery is primarily focused on the light and dark aspect of the play. And finally paradox is used to specify how physical sight will never relate with the power of insight. In Oedipus the King irony is one of the first gadgets that illustrate to us the style of sight not corresponding with insight. When Oedipus offers his speech of banishment which is directed towards the dirty thing it is extremely paradoxical since he himself is the dirty thing that he is speaking of: “The banishment of a guy, or payment of blood for blood.

For shedding for blood is the reason for our city’s hazard.” (28 ). As the use of remarkable irony is utilized here this enables the reader to gain insight on what is going to occur to Oedipus in the future as he will discover that he is the dirty thing that has been around Thebes. As Oedipus has physical sight his self-important character triggers him to acquire no insight and in the end leave with the loss of physical sight too: “He came seeing, blind will he go; rich now, then a beggar, stick-in-hand, searching his way to a land of exile. (38 ). The noteworthy point of this quote is that Oedipus is the one with sight however because of his self-important character he belittles Teiresias for not having physical sight but does not understand that insight indicates more than physical sight. As the style that physical sight does not relate with insight Oedipus has the ability to highly establish this theme throughout his failures in the play. Sophocles Oedipus the King utilizes the style of physical sight not equating to insight through making use of imagery.

Images displays the theme and adds to using descriptive language which adds depth to the authors work. As Oedipus has an extremely self-important character he thinks that Teiresias will not be able to harm him due to the fact that he does not have physical sight. Yet what Oedipus does not understand is that his pompous character will cause him to hurt himself: “Residing in perpetual night, you can not damage me, nor any guy else that sees the light. “( 36) This shows that Teiresias is the guy that has actually in truth been in the light all this time because he is the male with insight.

Whereas Oedipus is the one in darkness since although he has physical sight he does not have insight revealing that what he thinks is actually opposite to reality. Oedipus now recognizes that he himself is the unclean thing that has been in Thebes. “O Light! May I never ever search you once again, exposed as I am, sinful in my begetting, wicked in marital relationship, wicked in shedding of blood!” (58) This is substantial due to the fact that this is when Oedipus realizes that he is the one who has actually been doing not have light, he is no longer relying on physical sight and now comprehends what Teiresias meant.

Showing how images enhances the style of physical sight not corresponding with insight in Oedipus these quotes illustrate the theme extremely well. The last gadget used to reveal the theme that physicals sight does not correspond with insight is paradox. Oedipus belittles Teiresias for being blind without understanding that his is also blind himself: “You are happy to mock my loss of sight. Have you eyes, and do not see your own damnation.” (37) With Oedipus scoffing at the fact the Teiresias is blind adds significance to the paradox because unwittingly he makes that remark which results in his failures as an individual.

The paradox is developed by Oedipus having physical sight but being blind when it pertains to insight. Oedipus wishes to have insight much like the prophet does in order to see what could have taken place if he did not peruse the predictions: “Had then the prophet eyes? O is it possible? To show it specific, tell me something more.” (46) This quote shows that the prophet who does not have physical sight really has more sight than Oedipus, and how Oedipus desires the insight that the prophet has instead of his own physical sight.

Using paradoxes helps us distinguish the theme of how physical sight does not correspond to insight through examples of Oedipus and his loss of sight. In conclusion with the assistance from quotes listed above we comprehend that physical sight will never ever correspond with insight. These devices of paradox, imagery, and paradox which are utilized by Sophocles identify the concept that physical sight does not equate with insight. By utilizing paradox in Oedipus we have the ability to see how his character is not able to see what will happen due to his self-important personality.

With using images in Oedipus we are also able to see how he does not have light which causes his failure as an individual. And finally through paradox we see Oedipus crumble as he tries to acquire insight for physical sight. Even human beings now a day’s share character characteristics with Oedipus. Society still bases a book by its cover despite the fact that we do not know what it is even about. We all still lack insight in some aspects of our lives, we still rely on physical sight similar to Oedipus. Nevertheless we know how to produce success from it and not harm others.

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