Oedipus Rex: a Tragic Hero

Oedipus Rex: a Tragic Hero

Through Aristotle definition of an awful hero, it can be inferred that Oedipus is a terrible hero due to the fact that of three primary factors: he find his fate by his own actions, he falls from terrific esteem and his story occurs worry and empathy. With all these attributes, Oedipus directly fits Aristotle definition. Oedipus finds his fate not by things happening to him but instead by his own actions. Oedipus would have probably never learned that he was Lasso’s murderer if he had not called on Treaties.

This action discovered the fact trigger it had not yet struck him that he could be the murderer until Terrifies stated, “You are the killer of the king whose killer you seek” (pig. 441 Since it caused him to question his innocence, he made a greater effort to separate the fact from lies. When he asked Jotas about Alias’s murder, it further discovered his fate since she made him doubt his innocence even more and exposed that there was a servant that might put an end to his doubts.

Finally, getting in touch with the servant led Oedipus to discover the fact because e confirmed that Oedipus was the murderer of the king. For that reason, Oedipus fate was revealed by his own actions of contacting Terrifies, asking Jotas about Lasso’s death, and getting in touch with the servant. Like a tragic hero, Oedipus fell from terrific esteem. At the start, Oedipus was a king and hero to individuals of Thebes. He started falling from this excellent esteem when he said that the murderer of King Alias must be shunned.

Since he was the man he mentioned, he lost the respect of the people of Thebes and his location as king. Blinding himself was the event that finished his fall. “He was called my king … Now whose tale is more miserable? “(pig 465). This quote demonstrates how in the end Oedipus goes from being a powerful king to being a blind and pitied male. Therefore, Oedipus falls from fantastic esteem. Oedipus story excited worry and compassion. This was because despite the fact that Oedipus left Corinth to try to stop his prediction from becoming reality, in the end he still murdered his father and married his mother.

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