Oedipus Is A Very Complex Character

Oedipus Is A Very Intricate Character

He can be considered as either caring and considerate to his topics or he can be viewed as a self-indulgent ruler who only places on an act in hopes of getting the adoration of his subjects. Oedipus Rex in fact was an extremely prideful king. This was shown in a number of his speeches. For examples in scene one, line 180, in scene two, line 280, and lastly scene 3, line 148 all show that Oedipus is a self-indulgent king.

In scene one, line 180 Oedipus states “the easy man, who understands absolutely nothing I thought it out for myself.” This line comes from a conversation that Oedipus was having with Teiresias. In this conversation Oedipus is responding to the news that he was simply provided. His attitude was that of I understand everything and you know absolutely nothing. Oedipus is making reference how he Oedipus from Corinth solved the riddle of the Sphinx and saved the town of Thebes.

However in scene 2, line 280 Oedipus states “as the charioteer stumbled over towards me I struck him in rage.” In this passage is he is telling the story of how he eliminated the males on the roadway. The men asked Oedipus to move out of the way and he didn’t see why he ought to move, so as the driver of the chariot went to move him he attacked him. His mindset was saying that he didn’t have to move and no one had the right to make him move. With this train of thought he attacked and eliminated the men.

Another example remains in scene 3, line 148 “My own great, Snaps my patience, then; I desire none of it.” Oedipus is talking with Jocasta and she is trying to warn him and he just refuses to listens. Oedipus has the belief that he understands finest for him and no one else. He refuses to listen to factor and simply doesn’t have time for anything besides what he believes.

In conclusion, Oedipus is a self-indulgent ruler who pretended to look out for the good of Thebes, however in truth only wished to make Oedipus look good. He refused to listen to any one and dismissed all he didn’t wish to hear.

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