My of Mice and Men Cast

My of Mice and Guy Cast

My Of Mice and Male Cast Rowan Atkinson as Lennie Small My choice of Rowan Atkinson as Lennie is stemmed from the similar characteristics that both Mr. Atkinson and Lennie share. I think Mr. Atkinson would fit completely in his function as Lennie due to his flexible nature as an actor. Tom Hanks as George Milton My choice of Tom Hanks as George is originated from the comparable qualities both Mr. Hanks and George share. He comprehends controversy and drama and would fit perfectly into George’s role in John Steinbeck’s book. Danny Devito as Sweet

My choice of Danny Devito as Sweet is derived from the comparable characteristics both Mr. Devito and Sweet share. He likes animals and will fit perfectly into Sweet’s role as the aging old male. Rob Schneider as Curley My option of Rob Schneider as Curley is derived from the idea that Mr. Schneider’s role as Curley would precisely portray the character of Curley as insecure, mad, a bully and calculating. Jennifer Aniston as Curley’s Wife My choice of Jennifer Aniston as Curley’s partner is originated from the idea that she would be able to accurately portray the character of Curley’s wife as lonesome and vulnerable.

Jack Black as the Boss My choice of Jack Black as in charge is stemmed from the idea that he would best represent a fair-minded, big employer person and would add his own sense of funny bringing the character of ‘the one in charge’ alive. Leonardo Di Caprio as Slim My choice of Leonardo Di Caprio as Slim is derived from the concept that he would best depict a majestic “prince” of the cattle ranch. His attitude suitably fits the character of Slim and would be quite different from the other actors and actress. Jim Carrey as Carlson

My option of Jim Carrey as Carlson is originated from the idea that he would best represent a different analysis of Carlson. He would also have the ability to portray an insensitive guy who cares generally about himself. Eddie Murphy as Crooks My choice of Eddie Murphy as Crooks is originated from the idea that he would best portray Crooks. As the only black star in the cast and his ascribed ‘legendary’ status, he would be sharp-witted, intelligent and adjust his character fantastically to the book and modern-day times.

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