My Beloved World Chapter 4 Summary

My Precious World Chapter 4 Summary

Sotomayor’s very first trip to Puerto Rico is with Abuelita to San Juan, a city that “seemed to teeter on the edge of dissolving into nature” (40 ). Later, her mom and Junior go to Celina’s household there together. Right out of the airport, they get huge coconuts cut in half. Initially, they drink the juice, then consume the interior while Titi Aurora, who visits Puerto Rico frequently, fills Celina in on household concerns that require figuring out. In Celina’s hometown, Sotomayor and her family stay with Titi Maria, the first wife of Celina’s earliest sibling.

The big family assembles at lunch for a meal Titi Maria prepares. A siesta follows, which Sotomayor utilizes to check out. She notices that her member of the family have much better tasks than do Puerto Ricans in New York City. Walking town, Sotomayor feels “a happy excitement to check out the little signs above the doors, of the doctors, the attorneys, and the other experts who [are] Puerto Rican” (43 ). In the Bronx, Puerto Ricans are nurses however rarely doctors. They operate in stores however are seldom “managers or owners” (44 ).

Tio Mayo has a pastry shop. His then-wife, Titi Elisa, cooks lunch and snacks they sell to regional factory workers. Sotomayor helps serve and work the sales register when her uncle, who is not “comfortable with the concept of ladies managing cash,” is not around (44 ). When she is not assisting, Sotomayor plays 3 Stooges with her cousin Tito. She likewise explores the island with Junior and her mother, who takes them to locations she had actually not had the possibility to check out during her childhood. The water is clear, and there are no traffic jams.

In the city of Ponce, the Parque de Bombas, a historical firehouse, and the art museum amaze Sotomayor. She discovers what a picture is and notices that other paintings tell stories. She acknowledges that paintings have significances even if she does not yet comprehend what they are. This activates awareness that there is more to art than what she understands and that there are “space [s] in [her] knowledge” (46 ). Celina takes Sotomayor to visit her maternal grandfather, who walked out on the family when Celina was a child.

He remains in a medical facility, and Tio Mayo and Titi Aurora desire Celina to visit him. Sotomayor does not understand what to make of her mom’s “flat indifference” (47 ). Celina introduces herself to her daddy in “an ice-cold voice,” and Sotomayor recognizes because moment that her mom “had actually been wounded as deeply as a human could be” by this guy (48 ). Sotomayor remembers that day “as a grave caution” that “recommendation and interaction” are required courses to forgiveness (48 ).

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