My Beloved World Chapter 14 Summary

My Cherished World Chapter 14 Summary

Regardless of Kenny’s focus on “cool, dispassionate rationality,” the motion picture Romance, which was supposedly set at Harvard, sweeps Sotomayor up “with every other high school girl in America” (129 ). The film’s “pointy arches,” “book-lined walls,” and “leather couches” create an “antiquarian fantasy” college image for Sotomayor (129 ). At Cardinal Spellman, the college therapist’s default recommendation is Fordham and other Catholic colleges, however Kenny, who has actually gone on to Princeton and with whom Sotomayor has stayed in touch, motivates her to use to Ivy League schools.

She receives her applications, writes her essays, and takes the SATs with little guidance, the standard for trainees not coming out of an “elite prep school” and lacking funds in the pre-internet period (130 ). Princeton sends her a postcard informing her that she is “likely” to be admitted. A school nurse demands to know how that is possible when the school’s 2 top-ranked ladies just got a “possible” (132 ). Sotomayor does not respond in the minute but understands the nurse desires her to feel “embarassment” (132 ).

She wants she had informed the nurse that she works part-time on weekends and full time during the summer season and is on the Forensics team and in trainee federal government. The nurse’s question “would hang over [Sotomayor] for many years” as she “lived the day-to-day reality of affirmative action” (132 ). When her approvals start rolling in, she considers her alternatives. She disqualifies Columbia for being “too close for convenience” and, with Love Story on her mind, schedules her very first visit with Radcliffe (132 ).

The school’ area in the city of Cambridge dissatisfies Sotomayor, who had actually envisioned an “picturesque sanctuary distinguish from the world” (133 ). In the waiting space, a lady using “a completely customized black gown, a pearl pendant and earrings, and stunning little pumps” leads her into her office, two lapdogs in tow (133 ). The tableau overwhelms and daunts Sotomayor. Fearing she does not belong, she experiences “a suffocating panic” and go back to the Bronx without completing her set up go to (134 ).

When she confesses her sensations to her mom, Celina states, “You understand best, Sonia” (134 ). Sotomayor crosses Radcliffe off her list. At Yale, 2 Latino students fulfill her at the New Sanctuary train station in between going to anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. Her Catholic school education equipped her to differentiate “purgatory from limbo much better than” she might “the distinctions in between socialism and communism,” which these trainees argue about throughout Sotomayor’s two-day check out (136 ).

Their “down with whitey” talk embarrasses her as a number of her friends and the majority of her instructors are white, and she feels comfy moving between worlds “without presuming disguises” (136 ). She has experienced prejudice at differing levels but does not feel defined by it and does not feel it assists “to toss a slur in reply” (136 ). While she “knew where these kids were originating from” and that they had things in typical, she could not see herself welcoming Kevin to Yale for a weekend check out. Kenny satisfies her at the bus station when she goes to Princeton for her scheduled go to.

He gathers a little group of his buddies, “exceptionally brilliant but somewhat off-beat inner-city kids” with radical politics however more silently so (137 ). They keep “at arm’s length from Princeton’s preppy mainstream,” who Kenny calls “odd privileged people” Sotomayor will not understand but who she will have no difficulty keeping up with intellectually (137 ). At her interview, she feels comfy talking with the “professorial tweedy” admissions officer, who she finds “open and easy to talk with” (137 ). By the end of the weekend, she chooses to participate in Princeton and is offered a full scholarship.

The passionate congratulations from anybody she tells bring house “the power of those ivy names” (138 ). While shopping for a winter coat, a saleswoman’s indifference changes to “courtesy and respect” when Celina discusses the coat is a gift for her daughter who is going to Princeton (140 ). Celina informs Sotomayor that she is being dealt with as a queen a work, including from doctors who never ever had a word to spare for her. She says she does not know what Sotomayor has gotten herself into, however they are “going to find out” (140 ).

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