Mistakes and Tragedy in Oedipus the King

Mistakes and Catastrophe in Oedipus the King

In the catastrophe, “Oedipus the King,” Oedipus and his moms and dads made errors that lead them to peripeteia. After learning that their future will be filled with sadness, they were not ready to accept it and instead decided to attempt and alter it. Sophocles’ tragedy implicitly shows how hard it is to alter one’s fate. Despite the preventative measures required to avoid it, the outcome stays the same, since one’s fate has actually currently been predetermined. Oedipus’ moms and dads begin the catastrophe by making the first error.

When Apollo’s servant tells them that their son will kill the dad, marry the mother, and have children with her, they try to prevent this from occurring. They send their 3-month-old Oedipus away, and pierce his ankles (710-725). This shows how the moms and dads attempted to reword fate by eliminating Oedipus. Sophocles is trying to show that a person need to not try to understand one’s future, because it triggers one to try and alter one’s fate, which leads to future peripeteia due to them no longer expecting that outcome.

Oedipus makes the second error. By believing that Polybus is his dad, and by knowing his fate, he attempts to safeguard them by leaving Corinth and never returning till Polybus and Merope die (771-830). However, Oedipus unwittingly eliminates his genuine dad in a minute of hot-temperedness. Oedipus then ends up being the king of Thebes, and weds Jocasta, who is really his biological mother. In spite of Oedipus believing that he has actually escaped fate, he has still unwittingly wed his biological mom, and this shows how fate constantly dominates.

No matter what path one chooses to take, although the steps are various, fate causes one to end up in the very same location. These errors lead to the peripeteia in Oedipus’ life: he goes from being the King of Thebes to all of a sudden losing everything after discovering that Jocasta is his biological mother. However, he still requires to follow the oath that he made to his individuals, and deal with the punishment (133-146).

Oedipus never ever imagined that he would be the killer, considering that at the time he did not know that Laius is his biological daddy. After he entirely understands his background and what he carried out in the past, he is dealing with the turnaround of fortune. He believes that the gods did not secure him extremely well during his life (1480 ). He thinks that the rancher conserving him from death was not a “kindly service” but really an error, due to the fact that he believes if they allowed him to die he would not have to suffer like this” (1351-1355).

In conclusion, these mistakes match the Aristotle’s framework of hamartia, which cause the peripeteia in the lives of Oedipus and Jocasta. They both thought that they had nothing to stress over, but in the end recognized that they had actually not changed their fate at all. From this disaster I learnt that fate is predetermined, and can not be altered. The reason that they have the turnaround of fortune is due to the fact that they depended so greatly on this incorrect modification of fate that when they reached their destination, they were unprepared to handle the consequences.

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