Miss Brill homework answers

Miss Brill homework responses

Miss Brill homework responses Styan-l_u Lucia Lu 09/19/2014 “Miss Brill” Katherine Mansfield Discussion Questions There is proof in the story that Miss grill might be experiencing some ment al or emotional problems, What parts of the story support this analysis? At the starting part of this story Katherine Mansfield wrote” -What has bee n taking place to me?” said the sad little eyes. Oh, how sweet it was to see th em breeze at her once again from the red eiderdown! But the nose, Which was of so me black structure, wasn’t at all firm. It needs to haue had a knock, somehow. “

In this parts ot stop,’ we can see that Miss grill might be experiencing some psychological or psychological problems. Since she really talks with an item, with a fur! 2 On a related note, throughout most of the story, Miss Brill seems to experie nce truth not as it is however as she would choose to see it. What parts of the sto B’ support this analysis? In the stop,’ the author wrote about” tine old man in a veneer coat”, and she thought of that people were dancing along to t he band for her, and likewise she envisioned a lady who was tossing violets as if they had been placed. Miss Brill also imagined herself performed on the phase.

At the end, she recognized whatever was just her imagination. Y What do we understand about Miss Brill’s life? How might some ot the facts of her life add to her issue with truth? Miss Brill’s life is among worn-out gentility and pretense, this imp ression starts in the opening paragraph as she lovingly takes an oldfashioned fox fur out of its box for her typical Sunday outing to the gardens. 4, Talk about the significance of rhe ston/s setting in a public park in a French seaside town. What ideas about the story does this setting help to communicate? She discovers terrific drama in the love affair between different members in the park.

Recognize and talk about the significance of a minimum of three signs in the story. The fur stole is the sign of Miss grill, she does not see that the method individuals take a look at rhe tur is in fact rhe way that people take a look at her. Also the women in the ermine torque is a sign of rhe rejection that Miss grill is to face. In the st ory, when Miss Brill puts the fur stole in the box and hearts it “weeping” she fa iled to connect. with the fact that the fur was in fact her weeping in herself, bec ause she was the one who was rejected by her fellow “cast mates” not the fur. 8 Discuss using paradox in rhe story. ‘”But why?

Since of that dumb old thing at the end there? asked the young boy. ‘W hy does she come here at all who wants her? Why does not she keep her ridiculous o Id mug in the house? ‘” Throughout the story Miss Brill considers herself to be quite e xtravagant and wonderful. She believes herself a starlet in this grand play she belongs of every sunday _ She does however spend quire a great deal of time critiquing th e other actors and starlets, She scorns the old uptight old individuals in the park. S he gets bored eavesdroping to a couple’s discussion about glasses. The irony pla ys into the style of the story which is that everyone judges and gets judged. 7.

Recognize the epiphany in this story. Miss grill’s surprise in “Miss grill” relates to her relationship to other people. Ir begins when she understands she’s been relating to the other individuals in rhe park as if they were characters in a play, when in reality, she’s part of the “play” too. Th en she eavesdrops on the young couple, only to discover they are speaking about her– and treating her like she’s a character in a play, for their entertainment. She’s quite harmed, therefore recognizes the layered cruelty of the world. Her epiphany, then, is that we are all connected, but we don’t all understand it– which when we do not, we harmed one another. How do the young couple both represent and oppose the idea that Miss Brill has of them as the “hero and heroine”? A young couple show up and share Miss grill’s be nch, Miss Brill thinks they are nicely dressed and warmly pictures them as the “hero and heroine” ofthe play. Nevertheless, she ov erhears the boy make an impolite remark about Miss Brill b einga -dumb old thing”, and the woman concur, – It’s her fufurwhich is so amusing.” 9, Determine at least three themes present in the story, * Loneliness * Alienation * Device ID Identify rhe point ot view from which the stor is informed, Why is this viewpoint an effective method?

Reality The story is written in the 3rd individual perspective for a purpose to not show Miss drill’s worries. Mansfield decides to utilize Miss Brill’s ideas as a storyteller to conceal the real function of the story _ She wished to reveal Miss grill’s character t hrough this viewpoint ro make the story more significant Mansfield choose s to keep the point of view restricted to Miss Brill and also leave out the others cha ratters ideas in order for the reader to center all their attention to Miss Brill. I think the writer wants the audience to see how an old lonely woman gets delighted with the most irrelevant things in life.

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