Lord Of The Flies Vocabulary

Lord Of The Flies Vocabulary

Lord Of The Flies Vocabulary

Words Abyss (Noun): a deep, large area, gulf, or cavity. The depth of the large abyss was countless, but the researchers were figured out to figure it out.

(Alternative 1) Articulate (Adjective): utilizing language easily and with complete confidence; having center with words. Variations: articulable, articulative (adjective); articulately (adverb) articulateness, articilacy (noun) Studying French for five years made him a very articulate speaker, for it sounds as if he really was French.

(Choice 1) Bastion (Noun): a stronghold into which individuals could go for shelter throughout a battle

Variations: bastionary, bastioned (adjective) Our bastion had been harmed due to the war, so we might not find shelter away from the gun shots. (Option 1) Oversight (Noun): A typically major error normally caused by ignorance or confusion.

Variations: blunderer (noun); blunderingly (adverb) He blundered though the whole room, yet never ever managed to find the flashlight. (Alternative 1) Cascades (Noun): A waterfall or a series of little waterfalls over steep rocks.

Variations: cascaded, cascading (verb) The raise to the waterfall was exceptionally uncomfortable, yet the beautiful sight of the waterfall seemed to take the discomfort away. Option 1) Compressed (Adjective): pushed into less area; condensed.

Variations: compressedly (adverb) We were all compressed inside the small apartment, for we had no money to spend for anything better. (Choice 1) Contemptuously (Adjective): showing or revealing contempt or disdain; scornful.

Variations: contemptuously (adverb); contemptuousness (noun) Her contemptuous mindset was starting to disturb our host, but we still managed to preserve our temper. (Alternative 1) Contrite (Adjective): filled with a sense of regret and the desire for satisfaction; penitent.

Variations: contritely (adverb); contriteness (noun)

The way she was acting appeared extremely contrite, for it seemed as if she had actually done something wrong. (Alternative 1) Corpulent (Adjective): fat and fleshy; stout; overweight

Variations: corpulently (adverb) The child had an extremely challenging time running up the stairs, for he had a really corpulent figure. (Choice 1) Covert (Adjective): concealed, concealed or disguised

Variations: covertly (adverb); covertness (noun) The secret representative must reveal the transform area of the artist, for there is a threat upon him. (Option 1) Credulously (Adverb): tending to believe too easily; quickly convinced

Variations: credulous (adjective); credulousness (noun)

Her credulous mindset made it simple for her to be fooled; she was always entering into difficulty. (Choice 2) Cynically (Adverb): a contemptuous shock in human goodness and genuineness

Variations: cynical (adjective) She cynically told her brother to touch the hot pot; her mom was very upset with her. Declivities (Noun): Downward slope or sloping

Variations: declivitous (adjective) The declivitous mountain was exceptionally tough to climb up; our walking needed to be canceled because we were all scared we would fall. (Alternative 2) Demur (Intransitive Verb): to think twice because of ones doubts or objections

Variations: demurral (noun) His mother constantly over thought whatever; she demurred every action her son took. (Option 2) Derisive (Adjective): Revealing derision; mocking

Variations: derisively (adverb); derisiveness (noun) She likes to derisive everyone around her; making individuals feel bad makes her feel great. (Alternative 2) Diffidently (Adverb): doing not have self-esteem; shy; shy

Variations: diffidence (noun): diffident (adjective) She had an extremely diffident attitude; she never ever felt good about herself. (Alternative 2) Discursive (Adjective): roaming from one topic to another

Variations: discursively (adverb): discursiveness (noun) When he ended up being anxious his conversations ended up being very discursive; we couldn’t completely understand any topic. (Choice 2) Disentangle (Transitive Verb): to free from something that entangles

Variations: disentanglement (noun) While net fishing I discovered that a turtle was stuck in my fathers net; I needed to disentangle it so it could be complimentary. (Option 2) Disclination (Noun): a dislike or lack of desire She felt a big disinclination towards school; she could not find the desire to go. (Option 2) Suspicious (Adjective): causing doubt; being reluctant.

Variations: dubiously (adverb); dubiousness (noun) She always has a really dubious attitude; in reality, we can never rely on anything she states. (Choice 3) Ebullience (Noun): overflowing with enthusiasm, high spirits

Variations: ebullient (adjective); ebulliency (adverb) She has a really ebullient attitude; however she appears to have really few buddies. (Alternative 3) Ferocity (Noun): the state or quality of being ferocious The ferocity of the wild lion boggled the mind; however I think it would have been better valued up close. (Alternative 3) Thrived (Intransitive Verb): to grow strongly; flourish

Variations: flourisher (noun); thriving (adjective) When our uncommon flower lastly flourished it was beautiful; however, it was too big to keep in my small apartment. (Choice 3) Foliage (Noun): a decoration consisting of leaves, branches, flowers, and so on. The foliage decorations at the Christmas party were gorgeous; in fact I am going to purchase the exact same ones for this years party. (Choice 3) Furtive (Adjective): done or acting in a sneaky way

Variations: furtively (adverb); furtiveness (noun) Her intonation appeared really furtive; however, we needed to believe her if we wished to escape. Choice 3) Tomb (Noun): a hole in the ground in which to bury a dead body We could not find the grave in which my great-grandmother was buried; nevertheless after looking for a few hours we discovered it. Resistant (Adjective): incapable of being travelled through or permeated

Variations: imperviously (adverb); imperviousness (noun) The Complete Prison is stated to be resistant; however, there have been several prisoners that have actually gotten away. (Choice 3) Necromancy (Noun): the chanting of words or formulas that are thought to cast a spell or perform other magic

Variations: incantational (adjective)

The “witch” carried out a necromancy that was expected to rid our home of bad spirits; nevertheless, I do not thing it worked since I still hear odd sounds during the night. (Choice 3) Inscrutable (Adjective): that which can not be quickly comprehended; totally obscure or strange

Variations: inscrutability (noun); inscrutably (adverb) In the beginning the little lady seems extremely inscrutable; however, after she became a bit more comfortable she started to speak with the other kids. (Option 3) Interminable (Adjective): without, or apparently without end

Variations: interminably (adverb) The conference seemed to be interminable because our boss never ever stopped talking. Choice 4) Rainbowlike (Adjective): having or revealing moving modifications in color.

Variations: iridescence (noun); iridescently (adverb) The glass pyramid appeared perfectly rainbowlike since he put it as much as the light. (Choice 4) Lamentation (Noun): the act of regreting; outside expression of grief I felt big lamentation for the little kid after I informed her to jump off the slide and she broke her leg. (Alternative 4) Malevolently (Adverb): wanting evil or harm to others

Variations: malicious (adjective) He malevolently informed his brother to increase to the attic because he wanted to frighten him. (Choice 4)

Muted (Transitive Verb): not speaking; willingly silent

Variations: mute (adjective); mutely (adverb) The little lady seemed to be muted throughout the whole party considering that she did not speak. (Option 4) Obscurely (Adverb): lacking light; dim; dark; murky

Variations: obscureness (noun) The obscureness of the space was creeping everybody out till someone opened a window. (Alternative 4) Obtuseness (Noun): not sharp or pointed; blunt

Variations: obtusely (adverb) The obtuseness of the spear made it difficult to kill the dear whenever we attempted to. (Option 4) Officious (Adjective): providing unneeded and undesirable advice or services

Variation: officiously (adverb); officiousness (noun) We receive tons of officious telephone call everyday providing us services that we just don’t need. (Choice 4) Opalescence (Noun): revealing a play of colors like that of the opal; rainbowlike

Variations: opalesce (intransitive verb) The opalescence of the rainbow was wonderful up until it stopped raining. (Alternative 4) Opaque (Adjective): not letting light travel through; not transparent or translucent

Variations: opaquely (adverb); opaqueness (noun) The space seemed to really quickly end up being opaque since there was an eclipse going on exterior. (Choice 4)

parody (Noun): a literary or musical work mimicing a character

Variations: parodic (adjective) Al though the parody of the play that was written by my cousin was interesting, I still believe that the original was better. (Option 5) Parried (Transitive Verb): to ward off or deflect Variations: parries (noun) After, I parried the Frisbee that my cousin tossed at me, I selected it up and threw it load to him. Pinnacles (Noun): a pointed development; as the top of the mountain peak Although, the mountains pinnacle appeared really far we decided to trek all the method up the mountain. (Choice 5)

Ruefully (Adverb): triggering sadness or pity

Variations: rueful (adjective); ruefulness (noun) Although, the way in which the kid said hi to the visitors seemed extremely rueful all of us walked into the lovely home. (Option 5) Tacitly (adverb): understood without being freely revealed

Variations: tacit (adjective); tacitness (noun) Although her explanation for why she had actually done that was implied, we all understood what she was stating. (Option 5) Vexed (Adjective): inflamed; annoyed; to distress, affect or afflict Because all of us felt vexed due to the fact that the waiter never pertained to take our order we all left. (Alternative 5)

Transpositions (Noun): a modification or variation occurring in the course of something

Variations: vicissitudinary (adjective) Although there were lots of vicissitudes along our journey, we still managed to enjoy it. (Option 5) Vibrant (Adjective): complete of life; energetic; lively

Variations: vividly (adverb); intensity (noun) Although the child was really vibrant, after a while he dropped off to sleep. (Alternative 5) Susceptible (Adjective): that which can be wounded or physically hurt.

Variations: vulnerability (noun); vulnerably (adverb) Although lots of small animals seem extremely vulnerable, they can still assault if they feel threatened. (Choice 5)

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