Lord of the Flies – Themes and Ideas


Lord of the Flies– Styles and Concepts

The organizations of law and order slip away or are overlooked; human beings revert to a more primitive part of their nature. In this book, this common concept made me consider more about the human psychological structure. Among the most essential quotes regarding this idea is, “They’re the only thing we have.” This describes the rules that Ralph has actually set and Jack challenges them. As soon as Jack and the rest of the young boys begin to ignore these guidelines, a more primitive side starts to show. A Fundamental part is that Jack at the start he chooses he is going to be a hunter. Ralph however chooses to make a fire and build shelters.

Jack has already turned down the primitive part while Ralph trips the road to civilisation. This is made clear when Jack enables the fire to go out and when is challenged, smashes one of Piggy’s lenses. This brutality towards Piggy shows a nasty side of Jack. This made me consider how people select different courses when beginning new. The fire also has some importance to this idea. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to the humans, for that reason providing the ability to create the structure of civilisation. In this instance, the boys gained fire however might not sustain it. Therefore civilisation can not be sustained.lord-of-the-flies-themes-highres

Later in the book where Jack steals Piggy’s specs, it symbolises the loss of civilisation. Using this symbol challenged me to modify my ideas on how civilisation started and to consider that it was no as easy to embrace this concept to the primitive people. When adult aid finally comes, the young boys stop hunting Ralph. They understand what they have done and begin to sob for their lost innocence. This reveals that the most significant thing holding the boys to civilisation was adult guidance. Without adults to tell them right from wrong, they went back to a primitive nature which led to the death of two boys.

Ralph and Piggy never ever fully lost touch of the adult world, because they used some product of clothes up until completion. Ralph even cared enough at one phase about his individual grooming. This idea developed my understanding of how reliant we are on the civilised world which without it we lose a part of ourselves. The idea that without order established my ideas on how humans will react when confronted with a scenario, in this case, being stranded on an island. It likewise challenged my ideas on civilisation and how it had actually begun. Source: Lord of the Flies

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