Symbols Through the Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Symbolism (Beast)

Lord of the Flies Symbolism Job Quote Analysis 5 Estimates: 1. “You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody burglar!” (Golding 252). 2. “I anticipate the monster camouflaged itself” (Golding 225). 3. “‘ ‘Course there isn’t a monster in the forest. How could there be? What would a monster eat?’ ‘Pig.’ ‘We consume pig. ‘” (Golding 83). 4. “‘Fancy believing the Beast was something you could hunt and eliminate! ‘” (Golding 143). 5. “‘No go, Piggy. We have actually got no fire. That thing stays up there– we’ll need to stay here. ‘” (Golding 129). 6. “‘ Be frightened since you resemble that– but there is no monster in the forest.” (Golding 83). 7. “But an indication boiled down from the world of grown-ups, though at the time there was no child awake to read it. There was an abrupt intense explosion and corkscrew trail across the sky; then darkness once again and stars. There was a speck above the island, a figure dropping promptly underneath a parachute, a figure that hung with dangling limbs.” (Golding 95). Quote: [Simon] “What I suggest is … possibly it’s just us” (Golding 120). In the Lord of the Flies, much of the kids’ problem is due to the “beast” on the island.

In this quote, Simon describes his sensation that the monster is within the boys themselves. After all, belief in the beast initially originated from the worries of a littlun. As Simon attempts to communicate, the contents of the boys’ minds and hearts are the most damaging, and possibly only, beastly thing on the island. The group consequently rejects the concept that civilized English young boys could potentially be compared to monsters. The boys’ denial of their own power is later contrasted to their vicious look for it, such as when Jack ends up being the primary physical danger on the island.

To Simon and the readers, the “monster” becomes a sign for the dark side of human capability: dangerous, savage, and uncontrollable. Jack’s people members become understood even to the boys as savages, the closest guy pertains to monsters of nature. The “monster” can likewise refer to humanity: man’s capability to lose his humanity and instead be managed by fear, ignorance, and evil. The more they boys attempt to secure themselves from an external monster, the more they themselves embody the symbol by the qualities they have.

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