Lord of the Flies – Reaction Paper

Lord of the Flies– Response Paper

!.?.!? The 1990 film, Lord of the flies, is a 2nd movie adjustment of the classical novel of the same name written by William Golding in 1954. The story has to do with a group of young American military cadets, probably in their adolescence and adolescence period, stranded on an island after their airplane crashed on their method house. The Captain which is the only adult who endured the crash was absolutely hurt and eventually died. Ralph, though not the oldest but greater in rank as a Colonel, initiated an assembly by blowing a conch, was elected to be their leader and assumed obligation.

He sets some rules and jobs to consider their survival. They have actually experienced on how to endure without grownups’ supervision and support. Nevertheless, by the time the Captain was assumed dead, it seems hope was lost and the majority of them turned from being disciplined military cadets into juvenile lawbreakers, taking the matter of survival into their own hands thus, make their own group as “hunters”. Ralph, the protagonist in the story, is elected as the leader and compelled to take duty for the lives of the cadets.

He then sets guidelines and designates jobs to do like building shelter, search for food and installing a signal fire to bring in ships or airplanes that will pass by for their rescue. Aside from the signal fire, there’s likewise the idea of the conch, which is used to call the young boys for their assembly and the tool for them to openly recommend or speak, whoever holds it. It indicates order, law and democratic power, which I believe is excellent but he lacks the wisdom in preserving the order of democracy. In my viewpoint, in military school that’s not the order of environment they matured with.

Seeing the whole film, there are scenarios where older young boys bullied more youthful kids, role playing the things that is occurring in the military school which I feel that, whoever is aggressive seems more powerful and efficient in manipulating the greater worry to others holds the power. Assisting hand in hand with him is Piggy, buddy of Ralph. He is wise, speaks what’s in his mind making him thoughtless sometimes. He, however, is the voice of reason, reasoning, and conscience in the story. Due to his physical look and peer pressure therefore his name occurs, teased by the twins, Sam and Eric.

They uses humor in peer relationship and obedience to get approval in the group, they are eager observer and later left Ralph’s group. Simon, who is also a pal of Ralph and Piggy, is the kind one. He is also clever, resourceful, eager, and prudent since he didn’t easily believe in the monster that speculated by Jack’s group without really seeing the evidence that there is a monster. He is the very first to now that there is no beast and when will tell it to the others, he was misinterpreted as one and was extremely eliminated by Jack’s group. Jack, the antagonist, is I believe concealing behind his own worry and aggravation by being aggressive.

He gets into a lot of difficulty that is why he was sent out to military school. He remains in the phase of discovering his identity worldwide or society and looking for acceptance, recognition, and belongingness. I need to say that he wrongly thinks that power is the answer to what he does not have. Moreover, hopelessness creeps in believing that they may not be found and rescued; He takes the matter in his own hands, discovers the right time to rebel against Ralph’s management grabs power and produces his own “world”, a society that he may come from and will be recognized and accepted.

He called his group the hunters and he as the “Chief”. It appears that he lastly be successful by controling the other boys in their despondence, fear and insufficiency due to the fact that almost a third of the young boys are children who needs older guidance, guidance and assistance. They believe Jack can give it to them by hunting pigs for their food on survival believing they will never ever be found. The reality of the matter for me is that Jack is fulfilling his dream in a dream land, a kid’s play who wants to have a good time not viewing the consequences of their actions.

However, Roger, who is already a juvenile delinquent, the quiet one, finds comfort in an island where there’s no adult supervision, and got a companion in the character of Jack. He finds happiness in injuring and giving discomfort. Why do I state so, by the time he killed Simon’s iguana unmercifully. I can see the faces of his friends having the pity and the “conscience” of what’s been done while none in him. He then, takes delight in handling the location of carrying out the sentence charge in the hunters group. What stood apart to me most is the part where Piggy passed away.

Initially, when Simon was eliminated, I might see it as an accident simply as Piggy concluded, in addition to that, you may see the regret in their faces having to think the lie that beast can take any kind however when Roger purposely killed Piggy, conscience is lost and for wanting to bury the last piece of that conscience, they try to kill Ralph too. I still got concerns about the motion picture that I still do not understand the response like why did the pilot escape and concealed in a cave, where did they came from, why did their aircraft crash in middle of the ocean?

What happened to those young boys who killed Simon and Piggy? I couldn’t even find the connection of the storyline in the title of the story. I would actually value it if they made it clear in that matter. All in all, it was an intriguing film. I discovered that people have different ways in coping with disaster, survival, aggravations, despondence, and lost. In all this, we should discover how to empathize with individuals in order to guide and lead them and most notably, we need to put our hope and trust in God alone. Recommendations: www. youtube. com www. sparknotes. com www. wikipedia. com

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