Lord of the Flies Ralph and Piggy’s Glasses Symbolism

Lord of the Flies Ralph and Piggy’s Glasses Meaning

The novel, “Lord of the Flies”, deals tremendously with characterization and meaning. William Golding packed his story with a lot of literary color, making it alive and brilliant to the reader. Golding’s use of symbolism is apparent throughout the entire book. The character that stuck out the most in the book was Ralph, who was outstandingly developed by Golding as a leader. Golding made Ralph in to a round character by using heavy descriptions of him that almost made the reader believe as if he or she actually knew Ralph by the end of the story.

Golding’s very first intro of Ralph into the novel the reader could currently see his sense of observation even in the first sentence that he says: “This is an island; a minimum of I think it’s an island. That’s a reef out in the sea. Maybe there aren’t any grownups anywhere.” Although this quote may not be a direct characterization of Ralph it shows the audience how observant and smart he is. Throughout the rest of the unique Golding defines Ralph in a much deeper sense giving the audience a genuine feel of what sort of kid he is.

For instance later on in the unique when the guidelines are being broken and the kids are turning into restores Ralph attempts to keep order. He says “So remember rocks for a bathroom. Keep fire going and smoke proving as a signal. Don’t take fire from the mountain. Take your food up there.” Golding including this passage of demonstrating how Ralph is trying to enforce guidelines to keep an arranged civilization shows Ralph as being a true leader, and keeping his morals. This really reveals Golding’s deep descriptions of Ralph in order to form Ralph into a round character.

In Golding’s description of Ralph throughout the whole book I would categorize Ralph as a vibrant character. Although Ralph’s modification in the novel wasn’t as evident as the other’s, he does alter. The primary change I saw in Ralph throughout the book was the method he acts towards Piggy. In the starting Ralph insulted him and treated him very. In Piggy and Ralph’s very first conversation Piggy requested him to not inform anybody his name was Piggy. In the first conference Jack calls him “Fatty” however Ralph disrupts with a shout: “His genuine name’s Piggy! ” All the kids join in laughter while Piggy cleans his glasses in humiliation and pity.

Ralph disobeys Piggy’s very first request in a happy way embarrassing him in front of everybody. This is one example of Ralph not treating Piggy in a favorable way and being mean to him. Not up until Piggy dies Ralph understands just how much he needed Piggy not just due to the fact that he was clever and had morals but because he was the only one Ralph might trust. The function of Golding consisting of Ralph in the book is to symbolize order and democracy against evil and dictatorship, which was Jack. The entire story Ralph and Jack were butting heads. Jack envied Ralph since he was democratically chosen as the leader.

Lots of choices about the kids’ life on the island were made as a result of democratic discussions throughout conferences, in which every boy had a right to speak. When Ralph informed the young boys off about not sticking to the guidelines he reminded them “you elected me chief!” William Golding does an incredible task identifies Ralph and offering the readers an image of how Ralph is not just a character, however a real young boy. A big part of the book “Lord of the Flies” is symbolism. Golding uses Piggy’s glasses as a symbol of intelligence, rationality and common sense, all qualities had by a civilized human being who operates in a society bound by guidelines and laws.

The glasses are among two man-made items on the island, which shows a symbol of intelligence through the innovation needed to produce such an object. Golding reveals the symbol of new innovation when the young boys say “His specifications use them as burning glasses!” This reveals the glasses are symbolic of the technological advances that can be made by guy. Piggy’s glasses began the fire which is initially utilized to make a signal fire, and later to capture the attention of the ships that might be passing by the island. Throughout the novel, the specifications end up being soiled with dirt, or the sins of the kids.

When he speaks in front of the assembly, Piggy typically discovers himself “taking off his glasses and cleaning.” them in attempt to get rid of the blur of sins from the falling society. Likewise Jack slaps Piggy, the glasses “fly off and tinkle on the rocks one sides broken” the lens is demolished. As Piggy’s vision begins to decrease and he ends up being literally blind, the kids are metaphorically blinded to factor, sound judgment, and rationality. Therefore, the specs are used throughout the novel to foreshadow events and as a symbol of intelligence, rationality and good sense.

The entire purpose of the specifications is ruined by savages, proving Golding’s belief that “savagery is more effective then wicked.” Throughout Lord of the Flies, William Golding exhibits his belief that “human nature damages all society.” The glasses are used as a sign of intelligence. However, as they gradually weaken, so does the social structure of a civilized society with a motion from structure to savagery. In the unique “Lord of the Flies” William Golding’s method of writing brings the characters and the signs alive.

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