Lord of the Flies: Leads or Is in Command of Others

Lord of the Flies- Leadership

A leader can be referred to as somebody who guides, leads or is in command of others. In many experience and secret books there is a leader. There are various types of leaders, however either way, they have unique qualities that make them essential to the novel. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, a group of young school young boys get stranded on an island. It is needed of them to pick a leader that will be head of the kids and keep things in line so that they can all survive enough time to be rescued. The boys choose Ralph as their leader.

Judging by his qualities, Ralph is the best leader that they might have chosen. Ralph is civilized, arranged, and motivated. Being civilized isn’t always good when one is on their own in the wild or on an island for example, but in this unique it is essential. Ralph reveals that he is civilized enough to handle the scenario he remains in. Versus being savage like the other young boys, Ralph’s primary goal is to make huts and do work that will make the boys’ possibilities of being saved greater. The hunters are all too concerned with eliminating animals, which is essential, however the kids go over the edge with it.

Ralph does not like seeing the hunters dance and chant when they eliminate or are attempting to eliminate their food. One chant from the book that doesn’t make Ralph delighted at all is, “Eliminate the pig, cut her throat spill her blood. (pg 63)” Being civilized makes Ralph a great leader and highly likely for the young boys to choose him as their leader because being civilized is important when in a situation where it is essential to remain calm, develop ideas, and make great choices. Another quality Ralph has actually is being organized.

From day one when the young boys got to the island Ralph was constantly trying to organize every body and get everything in order to make things simpler. An example of him being arranged is when assigns various jobs to different people for example when he makes a group of hunters who will be the ones to go and search for food, and designates Jack as their leader. It is necessary for a great leader to be organized because if Ralph did not show this quality as leader, everybody would just be running around and not listening to anyone.

The island would be really, a lot more than it is now, un-orderly, and very little would get accomplished. Other circumstances in Lord of the Flies where Ralph shows that he is arranged is when he blows the conch. When he feels there needs to be a conference, he blows the conch and everybody comes. This is an intelligent method to gather everyone. Organization is an essential leadership quality for these reasons. Finally, Ralph is really motivated. Motivation is one of the most important management qualities.

A leader needs to wish to accomplish greater and accomplish many things and in order to do this he/she should be very encouraged. In this unique, Ralph is motivated to be rescued. When the kids let fire that is suppose to be indicating “assistance” to passing ships head out, he gets very angry. Likewise, Ralph stresses the fact that everybody need to be assisting to make huts for shelter. Rather, the young boys dance around, play game, and splash in the water. Jack in encouraged to get crucial things done on the island in order to endure while the other kids seem to be motivated to have fun.

People and followers tend to look up to and follow in the leader’s footsteps, so being inspired is an essential quality when in charge, or leading, others. Specific personality type predetermine an individual for management. Depending upon what the scenario is, different people are more in shape than others to be the leader. Leadership isn’t in a person, but rather in a whole situation and how any given person fits into it. In the circumstance that the kids are put into, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph is a good leader evaluating by his qualities. He is civilized, arranged, and really inspired.

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