Lord of the Flies – Leadership

Lord of the Flies– Management

LORD OF THE FLIES The ideas of Management and human nature can best be connected to an up and coming Hollywood star. They start all innocent but the fame, fortune, and power overtake them. It alters them, having people look up to you and knowing that they will follow whatever they do enables you to understand the power that you have. They can end up going out of control and it will change them for the worst. The ability to have this sort of power, for Jack, turns him into being compulsive with being the leader of the people. When he does not win it makes him truly envious of Ralph.

He makes everyone turn on Ralph to end up being the informal leader. The power drives him crazy and starts to beat on kids on the island for no obvious reason, it even escalades to killing them. It is human nature to have the desire for power, to lead other individuals, and manage them, despite the fact that we do not attempt to the greed can subdue us to do the incorrect options. The human nature of desiring power can come for numerous various factors such as competitors to be the leader of the tribe, having too much desire to be a leader, and when you are ignored by the others.

A major factor there was greed to have power, in Lord of the Flies, is due to the fact that there was competition in who would be it. Jack believed he was a shoe-in to be leader given that he had the choir to back him up. Rather, Ralph was picked over Jack. Jack was incredibly upset that he lost and believed he should have to be the leader. It was even embarassing to him because Ralph, who beat him out for being the leader, wasn’t even interested in winning. Jack ended up being consumed in having power over the people that he was ready to go terrific lengths to get what he desired.

He made some young boys on the island seem like outsiders in order to get the tribe on his side. This is an example why competitors is a primary reason why there was a greed to have power. A big factor in Lord of the Flies, particularly in Jack, is to have excessive desire to be leader. When Jack used to live back in England he went to boarding school. In those days boarding schools were not the best places. He had boundaries on where he could go, what he might do and who he might talk too. Practically, everyday of his life is set up. When getting n this island he was totally free, he was complimentary to do whatever he desired. Because he was being confined to such a dull and routine life he desired more than freedom. He wished to control the flexibility of others, he wished to be leader. In his mind he was attempting to show he was responsible and could manage it, but what he did was plain cruelty and evil. You get a huge impression that Jack never wants to leave this island. This is showing you that Jack you that Jack is among the very first to lose contact with civilization, its humanity to want power but he is going mad.

A major secret for Ralph to have power is because he was starting to get overlooked by the others. At first Ralph wasn’t to fond in being picked to be leader however knew he had some ideas on how they could leave the island. In the beginning everyone listened to him and they were all excited to work. Then they wished to hunt Ralph was all right with this since they could utilize some meat. This was a huge error, all they wanted to do was hunt. Ralph held assemblies to get them under control because nobody was developing shelters or working on the fire, they had actually lost all discipline The hunters were not pleased what Ralph was telling him.

The hunters were starting to favor the leader of the hunters Jack, due to the fact that what he was telling seemed to be far more appealing to them. Jack then saw his opportunity to become the leader they were all frusterated at Ralph so the hunters all got together and vacated to a remote part of the island. Those who were left behind, consisting of Jack, were entrusted to next to absolutely nothing. Ralph finally recognized he was the lows of the lows, he was at Piggy’s level. This made him desire some recognition to return the status he as soon as had so he joined Ralph.

Once again its humanity that if you can’t beat them you join them. Ralph signed up with the group knowing it was incorrect and through signing up with even lost contact with civilization. He desire the power he once had as lesder however becomes a savage through it. Leadership, human nature and the results it has actually is revealed throughout the novel Lord Of The Flies. How much control we have over our human can make a big distinction on our personality and how we respond to different confrontations. The opportunity of having power will come at different times in our life we should choose the time we take them.

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