Lord of the Flies – Isolation and Savagery

Lord of the Flies– Seclusion and Savagery

In William Goldings novel Lord of the Flies, the frequently asked question in todays society is positioned, can isolation, or having no one in your corner, change ones opinions. The novel tells the story of a group of boys, shot down in a plane throughout a war, and now stranded on a deserted island. The protagonist, Ralph, represents civilization on the island, and his counterpart, Jack, represents the concept of savagery. Throughout the unique the fight in between civilization and savagery raves and it is the component of isolation that is questioned as the most crucial factor in the end.
On the island Jack and Ralph stand for extremely different things. Ralph thinks in running a democratic, civilized, system, comparable to the one he has been raised in, and Jack wants to run a dictatorship, with himself as the leader who makes decisions for his tribe. Right after landing on the island, Ralph establishes a democracy by having a vote to elect a leaderHe [Ralph] raised the conch, looks like we ought to have a leader to choose things. (Golding 19). Ralph takes a stand by making an executive decision that a leader must remain in location. The kids also utilize the conch shell as a sign to represent the civilized society they have created. When someone is holding the conch it becomes their rely on speak. Later in the novel, the conch shatters, representing the end of civilization, and the start of Jacks reign. Golding shows Jacks character as intimidating and ominous, therefore scaring those around him. He [Ralph] was intimidated by this uninformed superiority and the offhand authority in Meridews [Jacks] voice (Golding 16). Jacks desire for power from the beginning of the novel is off-putting to all the boys, and honestly, terrifies a number of them. This intimidation factor helps Jack become the savage leader who makes everybody follow his commands. This concept of civilization vs. savagery ororder vs. turmoil is also dealt with in the narrative, The Lotto, by Shirley Jackson. This story has to do with a refined, routine-like town, but in the end, the town folk end up being savages. They let mayhem take over, and they stone a girl to death. This isn’t reasonable! she said. A stone struck her on the side of the head (Jackson pg 6). Like in Lord of the Flies, they all-together end up being savage, and collaborate versus one person.
When the boys who utilized to belong in Ralphs tribe abandon him, he is left alone with Simon, Piggy, and 2 symbols that represented their civilization: the conch and Piggys glasses. Both Simon and Piggy pass away, and along with them, the conch shatters and Piggys glasses get stolen, symbolizing that all indications of civilization are gone. Before the two people broke up, Ralph goes on a hunt with Jack. Eliminate the pig! Cut his throat! Slam him up! (Golding 130). This is the first indication of Ralph becoming a savage. Ralph finds the thrill in killing that Jack is so consumed with. When Ralph is alone taking care of himself, he has no other choice however to be a savage and to eliminate. He launched himself like a feline, stabbed, snarling, with the spear and the savage doubled up. (Golding 250). Ralph, who was never ever the hunter on the island, has found the enjoyable in killing, and now feels no regret when it is done. Although he is not with the savages, he has actually become one himself. This idea of changing because of your environments is incredibly popular in todays current events. Hannington Dia, news press reporter for News Zone, informs the story of a 14 years of age teen from a not so good location in Brunswick, GA, who eliminated a one years of age baby for the fun of it, then posted it on his Facebook profile for everybody to see.
Thus, general society and environment impact ideas and habits. Ralph subconsciously becomes a savage, and breaks whatever he believed he believed in due to the fact that he had no one to concur and support him. Lord of the Flies offers insight and understanding for why children are impacted by peer pressure and reinforces why it is so important to teach young people to defend what they think in even when nobody seems to be on their side.

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