Lord of the Flies: Human Nature Essay

Lord of the Flies: Human Nature Essay

“We are all liquidators and cocottes– no affair to what civilization. society. category. state one belongs. no affair how regular. moral. or mature. one takes oneself to be.” R. D. Laing British head-shrinker. R. D. Laing obviously supports William Golding’s point of position that humanity is wicked. Humanity is straight affected by the environment; and is inevitably altering due to the experiences of the individual. Oscar Wilde one time stated “The lone thing that a person really learns about humanity is that it alters. Modification is the one quality we can predicate from it.

The systems that fail are those who depend on the permanence of humanity. and non on its growing and development. The mistake of Louis XIV was that he thought human nature would ever be the exact same. The consequence of his mistake was the Gallic Transformation. It was an admirable effect.” Humanity depends upon the environment in which they are immersed. The thought that kids. non worlds in basic. are swayed by the thoughts and actions of their parental figures is besides a primary idea of the book. “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.

Since of the war in England where the male kids were from their human experience was one of war. If there was no war traveling on in England at the clip they were left from England. there would’ve been no deceases. no Lord of the Flies. and certainly no animal. Due to the fact that if they had came with a good human nature so how would at that location hold been a animal which Golding categorized as the fundamental wicked inside everybody. Another thing that ties in with this that kids try to copy what they see grown-ups do so if a kid sees an grownup smoke up or imbibe so he may believe that it is all best or it is right because their parents do it.

As George Orwell one time said “Part of the ground for the ugliness of grown-ups. in a child’s eyes. is that the kid is typically looking upwards. and the grown-ups are hardly ever looking down. Yet no affair what they will ever love. admire and love their moms and dads.” But as was merely said often that can be a bad thing. So what must we make? Well for beginning motors why non seek to learn our kids much better and look for at all costs to put great illustrations for our kids so that our society will ideally be salvaged from the God abandoned wrath of immorality.

Kids who’s moms and dads fume have a 40 % higher chance of cigarette smoking than kids who’s moms and dads do not fume. 1 Opportunities are it is a mix of two things. primary the fact that they believe that it is okay for them to make it considering that their moms and dads do it. the second is because of the nicotine dependence might be passed on from grown-ups to their kids. Now of class there are exemptions to the thesis like childs who smoke since their moms and dads do not. but that is normally a little percentile of the population.

The majority of kids will non make it as a rebellious act simply due to the fact that they see their parents making it so therefor it is all right. Now as was stated briefly antecedently childs will a batch of the clip make what their moms and dads do due to the fact that they look up to them so why wouldn’t they copy what the adults are making. So why can’t we merely stop entirely since we have a lazy society who turns down modification so this may take a batch longer than would be wished for. “The only thing that one really learns about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can assert from it.

The systems that stop working are those who count on the permanence of human nature. and non on its growing and development. The mistake of Louis XIV was that he thought humanity would ever be the same. The consequence of his error was the Gallic Revolution. It was an exceptional effect.” So with this in head why do individuals still count on human nature to remain the same when it has been shown that human nature is invariably modifying. That is why our state has non late had a rebellion because our sires had plenty insight to cognize that things would non be the very same 200 agings from so.

This idea was shown throughout the book by the childs altering their heads and revolting. First all the kids agreed that policies were required to keep order among themselves. Then when they felt the drilling and unpleasant side of work and guidelines they altered their human nature to that of a shirker or an individual who doesn’t follow society’s regulations and doesn’t effort to strive for excellence. Besides after voting Ralph the president. people still subsequently concurred and followed Jack.

So essentially al that can be collected by this info is that ne’er trust on humanity to stay the same. In decision. although it may no work due to the changeless changing of humanity. we should seek non to put bad illustrations for more youthful 1s who appreciate us. and besides look for to give our kids the very best life we can supply for them and learn them right from incorrect and learn them the right ethical intentions. Basically. we need to simply seek to make the best parenting occupation we can make and rely on the details and things you taught him or her will assist them through life.

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