Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-4 Study Guide

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1-4 Research Study Guide

Study Guide 1– Chapter 1 1. How did the young boys wind up on the jungle island? 2. Describe Ralph’s physical functions and also his reaction to being on the island. List a minimum of 3 qualities. 3. Describe Piggy’s physical features and likewise his reaction to being on the island. List a minimum of 3 characteristics. 4. How does Ralph respond to Piggy’s useful tips to have a conference? 5. How does Ralph believe they will be saved? 6. What had Piggy overhead the pilot saying? 7. How does Ralph draw in the other kids on the island? What does he do? 8.

How do the more youthful boys act when they get there? 9. Explain the way Jack and atrioventricular bundle of choirboys looked as they came towards the put together group. List at least 3 attributes. 10. How does Jack treat the others? 11. What dispute quickly emerges? How is it fixed? 12. What does Ralph do to make Jack feel much better? What is jeopardized? 13. What is the purpose of the expedition of Jack, Ralph, and Simon? 14. How does Simon describe the uncommon buds on the bushes? 15. Why hadn’t Jack been able to eliminate the pig? Chapter 2 1. What rule does worrying the conch is made? 2.

What does Piggy attempt to call the group’s attention to? 3. How does the talk of the “beasties” affect the young boys? 4. At this time, Ralph states the kids appear to have 2 objectives. What are they? 5. How does the group respond to Ralph’s recommendation that they develop a fire? How does Piggy explain their actions? 6. How does Piggy treat a little young boy? What does that tell us about Piggy? 7. How do they manage to begin the fire? 8. What duty has Jack handled for his choir? 9. What goes wrong? Do you see any symbolism here? What is going on in the adult world at the time? 0. Who is missing out on? Consider this. No requirement to address: 2 things should capture your attention. 1.) What the characters represent and 2.) How the titles of the chapters reveal aspects of foreshadowing. Chapter 3 1. What is Jack preoccupied with? 2. What grievances does Ralph have? What has he noticed about people? 3. How are the littluns? 4. Explain the love-hate relationship in between Jack and Ralph. 5. Where had Simon gone and what does he do there? 6. What might Simon represent? Chapter 4 7. What odd things take place at mid-day? 8.

How did the littluns invest their day? 9. In what ways does Roger appear terrible? 10. What is Henry doing while Roger watches him? 11. What does it imply when Roger felt the “taboo of the old life?” Likewise, what does it suggest when Jack approached Roger “a darker shadow sneaked underneath; [Roger’s] skin.” What result is Jack having on Roger? 12. Describe the transformation that occurs after Jack paints his face. The mask serves a few functions. List them. 13. What does Ralph find that upsets him greatly? 14. What do the hunters chant? 15.

How does Jack’s attack on Piggy and the breaking of one of the lenses in his spectacles signify the degeneration of the group? 16. Who finds Piggy’s spectacles for him? Chapter 5 1. What is Ralph realizing in necessary in order to be a leader? 2. What guidelines have been disregarded? List at least 3. 3. What does it suggest when Ralph describes the littluns as “taken short”? What does that mean? What does the show about their behavior? 4. What rules does Ralph make relating to fires? 5. A littlun says he sees something relocating the jungle during the night.

Who/what is it? 6. How does Jack discuss the beast? 7. Why are rules important to Ralph? Hint: The response is something Ralph says. 8. Be sure to answer all parts of this question: What does Simon mean when he states, “What I mean is possibly it’s just us. We might be sort of” Make certain to check out the next line in the book. What do you believe “Humanity’s necessary health problem” is? Why does he ask “What is the dirtiest thing there is?” 9. Why doesn’t Ralph blow the conch when the meeting liquifies into turmoil? 10. At the end of the chapter what does Ralph long for?

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