Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

“Living in Fear of Ourselves” Because the beginning of time worry has actually made men do things he is not proud of. This is no different in the book Lord of the Flies. The kids on the island, particularly Jack’s people, have actually made numerous poor options out of fear. This is similar to how worry affects the result of certain choices that are made in society today. In Lord of the Flies it plainly demonstrates how fear caused the death of Simon, the death of Piggy, and how fear can cause savagery and chaos whether on a deserted island or in every day life.

For instance, worry on the island was what caused the death of Simon. The young boys on the island had lots of fear of “The Monster” (Golding 153), which they believed was a parachutist, however is nothing more than their creativity. Due to their worry, they mistook Simon for the monster and wound up tossing their spears at him in the dark, causing his death. Simon revealed nerve when he went to try to find the beast. The boys were getting wild and rowdy doing their rain dance to get rid of the rain because they were afraid of the thunder and lightning.

Instead of exploring the island and finding out what they were afraid of, Ralph and Jack were busy attempting to decide who would be the leader of the island. Fear of the beast got the boys terrified that he monster was going to come down and kill them, Simon believed other wise. On the island worry of each other triggered another death. Worry caused division among the boys which led to another death on the island. Ralph, Piggy, and Sam and Eric were going to get Piggy’s specs back. Piggy expressed his concern Rivera 2 about going since he hesitated of Jack.

He had reason to be scared of Jack due to the fact that he was bigger, stronger and had frightened him in the past, for instance, he would often inform Piggy to “Shut Up!” (Golding 37). Jack hesitated that Ralph would be the leader rather of him. When Ralph and his crew showed up at Castle Rock they discovered that Jack’s tribe had their faces painted black like savages. Jack purchased Roger to get the stone trap to get rid of Ralph and his crew. Piggy and Ralph put their worry aside and increased to inform Jack that the glasses were Piggy’s. Meanwhile, Roger, out of worry that Jack would injure him if he didn’t obey his orders, let the boulder trap go.

The boulder hits Piggy and he falls off the cliff and passes away. Jack covers up his worry by saying that he had actually planned all of it along. As you can see, fear frequently leads individuals to make incorrect options, and sadly they are left with the effects of their actions, or the lack of their actions depending on how they let fear manipulate them. The stating its much better to be safe then sorry is a great method to sum up how individuals let worry control them. Being afraid is not constantly a bad thing, but when you let it entirely take over how you respond to every circumstance it ends up being a bad thing.

For instance, if your pals are doing something you understand is incorrect however you’re frightened they wont like you if you don’t do it, and you go ahead and do it any method, that is being a coward. Individuals who range from the authorities due to the fact that they are scared to go to jail, is a bad decision many individuals frequently construct out of worry. People worldwide frequently let other individuals’s fear control them. When at a theme park, choosing not to go on a ride due to the fact that a good friend is terrified, would alter the result of the journey from having a good time to being bored.

Often in politics individuals all vote the exact same method because someone else is informing them to and they are afraid of what individuals will think of them if they vote against crowd. There are numerous things individuals fear, the unidentified, finances, love, joy, death, simply to name a few. Knowing when to let go of a few of the fear is the fundamental part. Being positive in life Rivera 3 and sticking up for what one believes in assists people end up being positive and not afraid all the time. Discovering the difference between bewaring and being afraid is what will people in society should learn to not live in worry of living.

In Lord of the Flies there are two perfect examples of how worry controlled the minds of the kids which eventually resulted in the deaths of Simon and Piggy. Worry on the planet can trigger things to go wrong, because it makes people dislike each other and be bias. A lot of bad choices are constructed out of fear that hurt others. Learning to live without fear is something that people should attempt to discover to do. In Lord of the Flies, the island would have been a more safe place, if the kids would have been more protected with themselves, and that is the same for the world we live in today.

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