Lord of the Flies Is an Engaging Novel About Young Kids Trapped on a Tropical Island.

Lord of the Flies

Evan Howard 1 Mrs. Shields Academic English 5-6 Orange 14 November 2010 Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an engaging novel about young kids trapped on a tropical island. Ultimately throughout the story, the boys have many problems and wind up splitting into 2 separate groups. Jack’s government is extremely different from that of Ralph’s. On the island, Ralph is the leader of a democratic kind of government.

In Ralph’s democratic government, he displays to his individuals the requirement to be rescued. That is his foremost goal. Ralph states on page 53, “The very best thing we can do is get ourselves rescued.” This quote reveals Ralph’s concerns and what he values most. Jack, on the other hand, values things such as hunting. Golding writes, “If Jack was chief he ‘d have all hunting and no fire. We ‘d be here till we died” (Golding 93). This quote spoken by Piggy helps reveal the reader what Jack values most and just how much Ralph values fire as a way for survival. Ralph represents democracy because he was elected chief by all of the kids.

Ralph makes the rule that if you want to speak throughout a meeting you have to be holding the conch shell. Ralph says, “I’ll give the conch to the next individual to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking” (Golding 33). This shows the concept that everyone has a voice in Ralph’s community. This is how Ralph picked to lead his people. Jack is the leader of the fascist federal government on the island. If the conch is a sign of Ralph’s federal government, the pig head is a figure of Jack’s fascist routine which signifies violence and no liberty of speech. Jack states on page 101-102, “We don’t require the conch any longer. We understand who ought to state things … It’s time some people know Howard 2 they have actually got to keep quiet and leave choosing things to the rest of us.” This shows Jack’s readiness to take over and be an outright ruler. Much like in North Korea, Jack brainwashes his individuals to think ghastly ideas that they believe are just. One of his followers states, “He’s an appropriate chief isn’t he? … He’s going to take us hunting … He’s going to beat Wilfred … He got angry and made us connect him up” (Golding 159). Jack’s people think him to be the greatest person alive although they were taught that violence is horrible.

Jack’s federal government differs from Ralph’s federal government on numerous levels. This story contrasts the management and governmental styles of two really different individuals. These young kids show the reader the 2 popular governmental methods that the World is presently utilizing. Both have their good elements, but unfortunately the federal government that is most successful is Jack’s fascism. Although this government was most effective, the reader is revealed that Ralph is a better leader because of his honesty at the end of the book. Howard 3 Work Mentioned Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. UK: Faber and Faber, 1954. Print.

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