Lord of the Flies: Young Boys Stranded on a Pacific Island

Lord of the Flies

Lord of flies Essay In the “Lord of Flies” William Golding does tell us a story about a group of English young boys stranded on a Pacific Island, in the literal level but in a more allegorical level he tells a story about corruption of innocence, brutality/savagery and victimisation/prejudice through the characters of Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon. Fascinating stylistic functions such as importance and supreme narrator make this story more than simply an easy story. Ralph can be viewed as a fair head young boy, tall, well constructed and the major character of the book.

In a deeper sense Ralph represents Law, order and authority however not in a tyrannic method, he likewise represents democracy and justice. It is also through his eyes we see loss of innocence. “… Ralph wept for completion of innocence, the darkness of guy’s heart …” In the above quote Ralph weeps after piggy is eliminated. Jack can be viewed as a harsh, awful, slim, and the leader of choir in the beginning then the leader of hunters. In a deeper sense Jack represents dictatorship and a primitive hunter. His leadership depends upon in the ability to threaten and scare those under him.

His victory over piggy represents the accomplishment of violence over intelligence, his knife represents death and damage. It is through jack we see Cruelty and savagery. Piggy is a typical obese young boy with brains, however in more he can be seen as a kid with civilised and scientific mind. His clinical mind can be seen when he speaks about the beast:” I understand there isn’t not beast- not with claws and all that …” It is through Piggy we see victimisation/prejudice. “Stop talking fatty! “(Jack)” You let me speak I got the conch …”

In the above quote we see piggy being the victim due to the fact that of his low class. Simon is a sensitive, epileptic and spiritual boy who is wiling to work and is brave in the face of physical risk. He is best about “beast” but is wrong in undervaluing the power of this evil. He finds in the conversation with lord of flies the even he includes the wicked within and it can not be destroyed physically. Simon the Saint was the only hope for the new society however unfortunately he is incorrect for the monster and eliminated by the savages consisting of Piggy and Ralph. ‘What I imply is … Possibly it’s only us. ‘

In this quote Simon reveals us his good sense and thinking. In LotF there are many themes and issues have been talked about that make story a lot more then just a simple story, these include corruption of innocence, brutality/savagery and victimisation. As mentioned earlier loss of innocence was revealed through Ralph. In the starting the young boys felt very hope full that they would have exceptional time but by the end things get very out of hands a lot so that even our main character Ralph weeps for the loss of true sensible pal called Piggy. There was some hope, not all of them resembled hunters, however unfortunately Piggy and Simon are both eliminated.

Brutality/savagery was shown through Jack and his hunters. In the start of the book all the choirboys were innocent young boys. Jack could not even strike the wild piglet for the worry of blood. In the end everyone had altered so much that even Ralph and Piggy, 2 of our more innocent character participate in the dance which led to the death of Simon. One of the most crucial themes of the book was victimisation/prejudice. In the start and through out the unique the main victim was Piggy. We have been shown heaps of time … “Stop talking Piggy” “You let me speak, I have the conch …”

How Jack teases Piggy due to the fact that of his low class. In the later part of the novel Ralph and Simon likewise become the victim just because they are weak. To make this unique sensational and more than just a basic story, Golding uses intriguing language features such as Significance, omnipotent storyteller and colloquial language. Exceptional importance have actually been used such as pig’s head represents wicked within an, and characters to represent reality characters such as, Ralph represents the federal government whereas Jack represents a typical dictator. Omnipotent narrator has been utilized to reveal ore than one view of different circumstances as well sometimes to make reader think and compare ourselves to the novel characters. Thanks to the use of colloquial language that this book is accessible/readable to all level of people. Likewise through using this unique some of the scenes appear extremely sensible. Common sense figures out that the use of characters such Ralph, Piggy, Jack and Simon, the use of intriguing stylistic features such as omnipotent storyteller, deep meaning and colloquial language make this unique absolutely sensational and more than just a simple story about a group of English young boys stranded on a Pacific Island.

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