Leadership in Lord of the Flies

Management in Lord of the Flies

According to John C Maxwell, “A leader is one who understands the method, goes the method, and shows the way.” He says there are 3 aspects that go with being an excellent leader, an individual, in the location of power, who doesn’t have all 3 components, everything they do will be inadequate. Knowing the way is referring to knowledge, common sense, and the capability to think. Going the method is picking properly and making good decisions for oneself. Revealing the way means leading and helping others make great options and bringing them in the best direction. A person with all 3 qualities is unusual to find, qualities in an individual develop over time originating from experience and understanding. A boy then, from The Lord of the Flies, would not always have all the qualities required to be a great chief. They all are very young with little time and errors to gain from and grow. While Simon might do what’s right, nobody would listen to him. While Piggy is the most intelligent, the other kids look down on him. While all the kids look up to Ralph, he isn’t the most intelligent and doesn’t have many great ideas. While all the kids listen to Jack, he does not go properly himself. In the case of the boys in The Lord of the Flies, there aren’t any great choices for a leader, however the best options would be, regardless of their different weak points, Ralph for his ability to lead the group and Simon for his method of doing what is right.
Although Ralph has numerous weaknesses, the kids listen to him and he’s got the conch. “Ralph smiled and held up the conch for silence,” (23) the conch is a tool that Ralph learns to utilize to create order in their conference, give power to speak, and call everyone together. Ralph also takes place to be an excellent speaker, he can increase in front of all the boys with ease and inform them what requires to be informed, “All at once he found that he might talk with complete confidence and describe what he had to state” (32 ). Ralph has 2 terrific managements attributes, he has lots of setbacks as well. His major weak point is that he’s not really wise and not the best at thinking. Piggy is the one with the brains and the ideas. Ralph does not actually know where to choose his power and how to steer it in an effective method.
Simon is really various from Ralph. Simon is satisfied in the back of the group, pleasant, and useful, while he makes appropriate decision. While all the other kids go off to do their own thing, Simon stays behind to help Ralph develop the shelter that are much needed, “‘All the time I’ve been working with Simon. No one else. They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing'” (50 ). Simon knows that remaining back and helping is the right thing to do and so he does it. Simon is useful and he’s also funny and generally pleasant, “He’s queer. He’s amusing” (55 ). Simon, however, like all the others, has a “deadly defect”. Simon puts others in front of him, he lets them step all over him and laugh at him, he does not attempt to get people to listen to him, “Simon was speaking nearly in his ear” (111 ). Simon didn’t say it out loud since that would call attention to them, rather he whispered soothing words to Ralph. Simon isn’t interested in being the center of attention and if somebody doesn’t to be leader, they’re not going put in all their effort into being an excellent one. There’s no such thing as a best leader, particularly on an island of kids, but the closest individuals to an excellent leader are Ralph and Simon. In spite of Ralph’s lack of wisdom and Simon’s lack of existence, they would make the best leaders on the island.

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