Is The Hunger Games book or film better? Essay

Both the motion picture and the book of the Cravings Games were actually excellent. The motion picture was not exactly like the book, but it had numerous resemblances and only some distinctions. I think that the book was much better because it used much better detail, had a good story, and it was among my favorite books I have actually ever checked out.

Some of my favorite parts of the book were the killings. The book added much better information and created a more graphic photo than the movie did.

One kill that stood apart was among the very first that took place. When the girl lit a fire in the forest and the group led by Cato attempted to try to eliminate her. They failed so they needed to send out Peeta back to finish her off; unlike how in the film and they completed her off then and there. I actually delighted in the character Thresh from district 11, and his death was unfortunate. Katniss took care of Thresh’s homage partner, so Thresh returned the favor and saved Katniss’ life.

When she was saved, she was attempting to get a package to conserve Peeta because he was dying. She wished to save him not only since they were from the exact same district, but likewise because she was falling in love with him.

While Katniss chose the care bundle, she was snuck up on and thrown to the ground with a knife on her throat. This woman was about to eliminate Katniss, but this is when Thresh pertained to the rescue and saved Katniss. Thresh threw the other lady to the ground and beat her to death, and spared Katniss. Later on in the video games, they released hungry savaged canines since the video games were going to slow. They wished to speed it up by doing this. In the book, these savaged pets got to Thresh and killed him. As soon as he passed away, a cannon went off to symbolize his death. In the movie though, Cato was the one to kill him. I was sort of excited to see Cato’s death followed all the bad he did.

Cato was the Villain, he leads and experienced individuals their whole lives, including himself, to combat in the games. Peeta, Katniss, and Cato are the final 3 tributes in the book. Peeta and Katniss were chased after by the canines and they ran to the cornucopia. This is where weapons and shelter was and Cato was also there awaiting them. The fight is mostly between Peeta and Cato. In the end, Cato is tossed over the edge by Peeta. Cato is then pounced on-off by the savaged pets.

In the book, Cato lays there for hours in pain and misery, yelling and suffering. The next early morning he is finished off and relieved by Katniss shooting an arrow into his head. In the motion picture she does not wait, she right away killed him after they threw him off the edge. I in fact liked the books ending and making him suffer since he was my least preferred character in the book/movie. Both the book and the film were excellent. Generally I don’t like reading, but this was an exception and I really liked the book more since of how comprehensive it was in comparison to the film. Besides that, there weren’t a lot of distinctions, basically just the deaths of some of the characters.

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