Is Othello a Racist Play

Is Othello a Racist Play

How far will society go to demolish inter-racial relationships? Today, it is extremely difficult to have an inter-racial relationship because of the views humanity has versus it. This view has actually always been present, even in the 1600’s, when the disaster of Othello, by William Shakespeare, was written. Numerous concerns take place when discussing this play like: Is the tragedy of Othello a racist play? Many people argue that undoubtedly, Othello is a racist play, but it is not.

The play does consist of numerous racist remarks and characters, however Shakespeare’s intents are not to make it a racist play, however to show a point against bigotry. The demeaning diction that occurs in the play makes the reader judge that this play is racially prejudiced. But without this diction, the play would not hold the prominent message that it depicts versus racism. Othello is not just a moor, however the general of the army of Venice. He holds a high rank and is appreciated by numerous, that is until the citizens of Venice discover that he is weding the child of Senator Brabantio, Desdemona.

Senator Brabanzio is friends with Othello, till he learns that this “lascivious moor” and “wheeling complete stranger” is with his child. If this was a racist play, Shakespeare would not have actually placed a black male in such a high rank. Therefore, Shakespeare is trying to show that even a male from a varied culture, like Othellom, can do the exact same job despite race. Many people do not agree with Othello and Desdemona’s relationship like, Iago and his wife, Emilia, and Roderigo who desires Desdemona himself.

The wicked bitterness comes out of all of these characters. They utilize Othello’s race to tear down and damage a pure loving relationship. In the very first act, Iago informs Brabanzio that, “Even now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.” This line plainly shows that Iago is racist versus Othello and Desdemona’s relationship. Iago’s objectives are to get everybody against Othello and to destroy his relationship with Desdemona, by outlining versus him and mentioning their distinctions.

Emilia does not say quite versus Othello until she finds about that her girlfriend is killed by Othello. She responds by calling him the “blacker devil.” Roderigo is another very racist character. He is envious of Othello and wants Desdemona. His jealously brings the worse out of him and he calls Othello “thick-lips.” All of these racist characters prove Shakespeare’s message of how society will go to all lengths to damage what they do not approve of as “best. “

Racism breaks the real significance of life, and it can bring the worse out of all people. In Othello, it ruins a relationship, along with other people? s lives. Shakespeare’s smart usage of racist characters, styles, and originality plainly portrayed the message about how bigotry can be dreadful. In the end, nobody gets what they desire, which is why Othello can not be a racist play. If anything, The Disaster of Othello is far from this point of view and is a masterpiece against what society thinks is appropriate.

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